Feng Shui of decorating house doors

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The decoration of the door has a lot of geomantic attention, and a little carelessness may affect our luck; So what's the stress of Feng Shui in decorating the door of the house? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

Feng Shui of decorating the door of the house

Feng Shui of decorating the bathroom door of the house

1. The door should not be opposite to the toilet

the hedge between the door and the toilet mainly refers to the fact that the toilet is set as the door, and the yin-yang attribute between the door and the toilet in the feng shui of the home is that the door is active for Yang, while the toilet is static for Yin. The main Feng Shui consequence of the image of the door opposite to the toilet is that it is easy to cause people at home to suffer from gynecological, urinary system and other diseases, and it is also the main cause of sexual disharmony between husband and wife, Wait

2. The door should not be on the faucet

warmly remind you that in home feng shui, the bathroom door has two adverse Feng Shui consequences on the flushing Faucet:

first, the faucet is like a man's genitals, while the faucet is like a woman's genitals. The door is opposed to the faucet, which is the image of rotten peach blossom

second, water is the master of wealth, and the door is where the breath flows, so the faucet opposes the dissipation of money of the master

3. Doors should not be opposed to wealth position

home feng shui Zhongwei bathroom door hedge wealth position mainly includes public bathroom door versus living room wealth position, master bedroom Zhongwei bathroom door versus master bedroom wealth position, etc. The consequence of geomantic omen is that the money of the householder is not gathered, and it consumes a lot of money, and most of it is trouble and disease; Of course, it's not easy to get into wealth. It's more blocked, and the origin of wealth is more wrong. It's easy to be ill gotten wealth, dark wealth, etc

4. Material taboo of doors

in terms of the material of bathroom doors, it is generally not suitable to use doors made entirely of metal materials, nor transparent glass doors. The five elements of metal doors belong to gold, which is easy to be leaked by the water of bathroom. In real life, metal doors are easy to be weathered and produce bad luck; Transparent glass doors can't hide privacy in life, and there are information hints of rotten peach blossoms on Feng Shui

5. Doors and windows should not be used.

sanitary ware is the main Yin in household Feng Shui, which is the place of excretion; Other spaces in the home are Yang, the place where life condenses. If it is opposed to the doors and windows of other spaces in the home, it is easy to make the dirty air flow in the bathroom flow to other spaces, resulting in the imbalance of yin and Yang. This is like a drop of ink dripping into a basin of clear water, which will affect the fate and health of the people living in the home

6. Color taboos of doors

in general, red should not be used for bathroom doors, because the five elements of red are fire, while the five elements of bathroom belong to water, which is incompatible with water and fire. However, there are two cases where the bathroom can use red doors: first, the bathroom door is located in the Zhengong or Xun palace of the whole home; Second, the bathroom door is made of solid wood. Because these two situations can form the five element circulation form of water wood and wood fire

7. Taboo of door size

in Feng Shui numerology, compared with the door in the home, the attribute of the bathroom door is that the door is Yang and the bathroom door is Yin, Yang should be large and Yin should be small. Therefore, generally speaking, the bathroom door should be smaller than the door, that is to say, the height and width of the bathroom door should not exceed the height and width of the door, otherwise, it will form the imbalance of yin and Yang in the geomantic omen of the home, which will affect the health and mutual relationship of the home

8. Don't worry about the northwest.

in geomantic omen, the northwest on the one hand represents the business and noble people of the homeowner, on the other hand, it also represents the physical health of the head of the household. If the bathroom door is opposite to the northwest direction of the home, it will have a negative impact on the above aspects. For example, it is easy to make villains get blocked in business, it is rare for a noble to have effective help, and it is even possible for a noble to become an enemy, and the leader is prone to head or urinary diseases

9. The door must not be against the mirror

why should the bathroom door not be against the mirror? Because if the door opposes the mirror, the real door of the bathroom will face the virtual door in the mirror, which violates the opposite evil spirit of the door in Feng Shui. In home feng shui, door-to-door, like mouth to mouth, is a sign of right and wrong and rotten peach blossom. The bathroom door facing mirror includes the mirror on the lavatory counter in the bathroom and the mirror in the home outside the bathroom

10. Taboo of door style (guidaye Feng Shui www.guidaye.com)

because the yin-yang attribute of bathroom door in home feng shui is different from that of room door, and its special function in home, the style of bathroom door should not be exactly the same as that of room door design, especially when the public bathroom door in the middle of the home is close to the door. Otherwise, in addition to the bad luck of Feng Shui, sometimes in life, the guests of the family may break into your bedroom by mistake due to going to the bathroom, which will bring inconvenience to you

Feng Shui in decorating the door of a house pays attention to

[door 1: two doors cannot be opposite]

taboo: Nowadays, the structure of many modern houses is the pattern of two doors being opposite, that is “ Opposite door brake ”. This will lead to conflict, leading to the return of one of them. Generally, 1. The family with a small door returns; 2. Retreat if the space inside the door is small; 3. If there are few people in the door, retreat; 4. The popularity of people living inside the door is weak


(1) a six character mantra Seven Star array can be placed in the gate to stabilize the aura of the house. Or hang a mirror with nine palaces and eight trigrams in the door, which will increase good fortune in case of good fortune and turn bad fortune in case of bad fortune

(2) if the two doors in your home are opposite, for example, the door is opposite to the bedroom door, it is recommended to often close the two doors, or hang a curtain on the two doors, so as to slow down the speed of air flow in and out of the two doors, so as to achieve the effect of stable air flow

[gate 2: the gate should not see the elevator door]

taboo: Nowadays, in many high-rise elevator rooms, the common gate is facing the elevator door. Such a pattern is like a tiger opening its mouth to bite people, which is called the opening brake. Opening and closing cause instability of the gas field, the disaster of the main accident and the effect of money leakage


(1) place Guan Gong in the gate to ward off disasters

(2) put a seven star array in the gate to stabilize the house and stabilize the gas field of the house

(3) a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins can be placed under the doormat

[gate 3: the gate should not face the window]

taboo: if you can see the opposite window at the gate, the air inlet and air outlet of the house are opposite to each other, and the air enters and goes, and the money comes and goes. Therefore, it is a typical pattern of wealth leakage without gathering gas


(1) door to window, you can put an opaque screen between the door and the window

(2) block the window. If it cannot be blocked, it is recommended to block it with plywood walls or shutters

(3) place the five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins at this position under the threshold or foot pad of the gate

[gate 4: the gate should not be on the kitchen]

taboo: the kitchen is where a Treasury is located. If you see the kitchen when you enter the door, it means that you lose money, spend too much and the family is not harmonious, and even affect the health of the hostess of the house. If it is impractical to change the door, you can try the following methods


(1) an opaque screen can be placed between the door and the kitchen

(2) place a pair of “ Glorious elephant ”, Head outward to absorb the leaked Qi

(3) a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins and ten emperor coins can be placed under the foot mat in the gate

feng shui knowledge of decorating house doors

Feng Shui of decorating doors &mdash& mdash; Design

as the gate is the channel for the house to absorb gas, it should be kept bright, clean and not suitable for stacking sundries, otherwise it will hinder air transportation and air circulation

secondly, Feng Shui believes that the door should avoid being in a straight line with other doors. Otherwise, it will affect the harmony of the family and cause constant quarrels. In addition, if the opposite side of the gate is a wall, or you can directly see the scene in the opposite room, it will also disturb the normal flow of air flow in the human body, leading to the occurrence of diseases

Feng Shui of decoration door &mdash& mdash; Orientation

in the feng shui of decorating the gate, the orientation of the gate is helpful to improve luck. Different orientations represent different benefits and luck

1. The door faces north, which means business is booming

2. It's easy to become famous when the door faces south

3. The door facing east represents family harmony and happy life

4. The gate faces the West and can shade its descendants

5. The gate faces northeast, which represents supreme wisdom

6. It is easier for the door to face the northwest to develop outward

7. The door faces to the southeast, representing prosperity

8. The door faces southwest, which means peach blossoms are blooming and beautiful

Feng Shui of decoration door &mdash& mdash; Three see three not see

in the feng shui of decorating the gate, there are three see and three not see at the gate

1. See you at the beginning of the third step:

a) see red: it means happy, making people feel warm and prepared

b) see pictures: reflect the cultural cultivation of the owner of the house, and also ease the spirit

c) see green: bright eyes, healthy, vibrant,

2 Entry three no see

a) see the stove: see the stove at the entry represents the obstruction of wealth

b) see the toilet: the toilet symbolizes filthy, and bad luck ensues

c) see the mirror: it will reflect wealth

(decoration door Feng Shui)

decoration door Feng Shui &mdash& mdash; Feng Shui pays attention to size

door decoration Feng Shui believes that the door should be coordinated with the pattern of the house, the big house door and the small house door. You can use the gate to adjust the geomantic omen of the house. Because the air field enters the house from the gate, if the door is small, the air flow will be blocked, resulting in the lack of prosperous air, so that Pepsi is not smooth; If the small door of the house is large, it will be discouraged, which will dissipate wealth

in addition, the gate should not be too high. If the door is too high, you will habitually look up when entering and leaving the house. There is a psychological hint of vanity and flattery, which prevents you from being too ambitious when dealing with things. Secondly, if the lintel is too high, even higher than the ceiling, then this pattern will lead to a smaller and smaller population in the family




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