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Since the opening of the first apple (Apple) direct retail store in 2001, the opening boom of the apple store has lasted for 15 years. For 15 years, the apple store has also been adhering to the keynote of "not pursuing sales" set by Steve Jobs, but planning to "redefine the user experience of the retail store". After that, no matter how Apple products are upgraded and how the overall policy focuses, the apple store has always been an important "pawn" in marketing for apple

▲ the first Apple store in China (Sanlitun store in Beijing)

since Tim Cook took office as Apple CEO, Apple's overall focus has gradually shifted to emerging markets. For our consumers, the most intuitive thing is that the number of Apple stores around us is increasing. Since last year (2015), the number of Apple stores in China has been like a "blowout". In just one year, the number has gradually climbed to more than 30. In addition to the first tier cities, most of the newly opened Apple stores have been in second tier cities since 2015, and the number of provinces with Apple stores has gradually increased. "Multiple stores in one city and stores in each province" must also be cook's wishful thinking

over the past 15 years, although the overall concept has not changed, the design style, regional division and product display of Apple store are gradually accepting new concepts and elements. Especially after Jonathan Ive designed the apple store, the change of the overall style is more obvious. A large number of wooden elements are used in the apple store, changing the previous "black and white gray"

▲ Jinan Henglong Plaza Apple Store

on the 15th anniversary of the apple store in 2016, the latest generation of Apple store opened in San Francisco. The new division of areas and the addition of new functional areas are the changing direction of the new generation of Apple store. In Jinan, Quancheng, the first Apple Store adopts the same design style and concept as the San Francisco store, which can be said to be the first batch of new Apple stores in Chinese Mainland. This time, Xiaobian was also honored to be invited to visit the apple store located in Jinan Henglong square. What is the difference between the new generation of Apple store? Here, I'll share what I've seen and heard with you on duty

vibrant Apple Store storefront

the new generation of Apple store as a whole is still dominated by white, supplemented by wooden platforms, while the accessories display shelves on the wall are made of white and wood. For example, when it is necessary to display colorful iPhone and iPad protective cases, wood textures will be used to match, while traditional white display shelves will be used for accessories such as lightning data lines and headphones

in addition to the conventional display stands and shelves, there are also four "banyan trees" in the Jinan Apple store, which is also the standard configuration in the newly opened Apple store. According to the staff, in order for the four banyan trees to survive in the store, the apple store has also equipped a small team to regularly check the health of the trees, and the cost can be imagined. The addition of these four trees and the display of most of the wood will make the whole apple store full of natural flavor and vitality. Of course, it will also give people a natural attitude and weaken the retail impression

the banyan tree in the apple store not only can sit down and rest, but also plays an important role. Here, I'll sell it first. The answer will be revealed later

▼ overview of Apple store display in Jinan Henglong Plaza

▼? Overview of the accessory wall of Apple store in Jinan Henglong Plaza

the gradually diluted service area

in addition to retail products, the various services provided by Apple store are also one of the main user shopping experiences. During the last visit to the apple store, areas such as red zone, family room and Genius Bar still have fairly fixed positions, but in the new generation of Apple store, it is mainly the product service experience area, and other service areas are not so rigid and fixed. No matter where in the store, there will be the latest products of the season, such as iPhone and iPad, on the display platform nearby to provide experience. However, relatively speaking, the audience of MAC is not too wide, and the number of display stands is correspondingly smaller

although the integrity is stronger, take Jinan Apple store as an example, apple still divides the whole store into two areas, with the side with floor to ceiling windows and banyan trees called "Grove", while the accessories display wall and the area providing some services are called "Avenue". Grove is more open, while Avenue is relatively secretive

▼ Avenue and grove

the establishment of genius grove area

now, the new Apple Store replaces the previous Genius Bar with trees and open space, that is, the banyan area is genius bar, and the rest area under the tree is the waiting area, which is much more comfortable than the previous waiting environment. As for service experience, it is still Apple's benchmark service. Although the area has changed, you still need to make an online appointment before you go. Some simple maintenance work can be completed on site

the increase of the forum area

in addition to genius grove, which is changed from the original area, the new generation of Apple store has added the "the forum" area. In the Jinan Apple store, the forum is set up in a prominent place at the entrance, just below the oversized vedio wall. Its function is to provide a place for local company teams, users or developers to hold meetings on OS X and IOS related topics, and it can also be used as a rest area in peacetime

due to its prominent location, when people discuss in a circle in this area, customers often come to watch, which virtually provides a lot of exposure for the topic of discussion

"trade in" service experience

environmental protection has become an important aspect of today's major manufacturers, and apple is no exception. At the spring conference this year, it also changed its previous opening with its own achievements. Instead, it took a long time to talk about Apple's achievements in the field of "environmental protection". Coupled with the increasingly "natural" Apple store, it is not difficult to imagine that Apple will continue to make great efforts in environmental protection in the future

in fact, you on duty friends must be familiar with Apple's "trade in" business. In short, it is to discount the old device in your hand (iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s/6/6 plus) or discount + interest free to buy a new iPhone. However, the old equipment in hand needs to meet certain recycling conditions before it can be recycled and discounted. The specific conditions are as follows:

the number of bumps on the appearance of old equipment cannot exceed 6

the old equipment is functional and can be used normally

the higher threshold is the appearance. If the conditions are met, back up the data of the old equipment, and confirm it, the recycled part will end. The next purchase process is the same as normal, but you can choose discount or interest free at the time of final payment. It is worth noting that at present, the purchase of new iPhones (iPhone se, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus) can use up to one iPhone and one iPad through recycling discounts

useful workshops and other services

in addition to purchase and after-sales, Apple store will also provide some private settings, workshops free lectures, etc. after purchasing iPhone, iPad and MAC for private settings, clerks will assist in completing preliminary registration, icloud settings, of course, data migration, etc. Workshops is a 1-hour free lecture that Apple users can book. Its courses include basic knowledge of various devices, APP night, advanced device usage skills and higher-level creation

workshops mainly study in groups. However, as the apple store in Jinan has just opened, there are not many participants, and most of its courses are based on foundation. For IOS and OS X, which have certain learning costs, there are many tricks to use. It is quite good to make an appointment in time to experience workshops


for the apple store, which has continued to expand for 15 years, constantly bringing freshness can be said to be one of the secrets of its longevity. The overall decoration style is closer to nature, which also makes people feel less strange when shopping in the apple store. With the continuous expansion of the apple store, more and more people begin to know the apple store. While shopping and after-sales, you might as well experience the rich services and activities brought by the apple store





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