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Europay yaoliangsong won the national excellent individual award for employment and entrepreneurship

to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the active employment policy, the State Council held the national employment and entrepreneurship commendation conference

well deserved, and Guangdong europay group yaoliangsong won the "excellent individual" award

recently, the State Council held a grand "national employment and entrepreneurship" work commendation conference in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. Relevant senior national leaders and representatives of outstanding enterprises from all provinces attended the meeting

it is reported that this commendation and selection activity is the first national employment commendation since 2004. Yao Liangsong, chairman of Guangdong europai home furnishing Group Co., Ltd., won the "national excellent individual award for employment and entrepreneurship"

the State Council held a commendation Conference for the "national employment and entrepreneurship" work

this year coincided with the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the "active employment policy" and the 5th anniversary of the promulgation of the employment promotion law, which is a major event in the national human resources and social security system. Recently, senior leaders such as the State Council met with representatives of national excellent enterprises in the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the people, and commended national advanced collectives and individuals

as the frontier of reform and opening up, a large number of excellent enterprises and individuals have emerged in Guangdong in recent years. At this commendation meeting, representatives of 9 enterprises in Guangdong Province, including yaoliangsong, chairman of Guangdong europai home furnishing Group Co., Ltd., won the "national excellent individual award for employment and Entrepreneurship"

some experts pointed out that expanding employment is the top priority to ensure and improve people's livelihood. The commendation of advanced collectives and individuals of the "national employment and entrepreneurship" is an affirmation of enterprises and individuals who have long promoted and implemented the relevant national "employment and entrepreneurship" policies, and also encourages more enterprises to actively respond to the national call for employment and entrepreneurship, contribute to society, and promote labor employment

Yao Liangsong won the "excellent individual" award

as the leader of China's home furnishing industry, the initiator of China's "kitchen revolution" and the founder of European home furnishing brand, Yao Liangsong attaches great importance to standardizing the rights and interests of both employers and employees, fully protecting the rights and interests of employees, and signing labor contracts accurately and timely; At present, the Department has more than 6000 employees and more than 2000 dealerships nationwide, providing an entrepreneurial platform for more than 2000 people and solving the employment problem of tens of thousands of people

it is understood that in recent years, in response to national policies, Yao Liangsong has actively expanded and promoted labor employment and "double transfer", strengthened humanistic care, and built a harmonious labor relations. In 2011 alone, Guangdong europai group has newly recruited more than 1000 workers from both inside and outside the province, with more than 40000 training trips. In the europai Industrial Park, you can find husband and wife rooms, logistics support rooms, libraries, supermarkets, banks, karaoke rooms, gyms, football fields, basketball courts, badminton courts, etc. Europay's move was once called by the people's daily as the pacesetter of "enterprises running society"

Yao Liangsong once pointed out that the happiness index of employees is directly proportional to the quality of products. Therefore, to create a happy working environment for employees is to improve the work efficiency of europay. Insiders said that Yao Liangsong's "national excellent individual award for employment and entrepreneurship" is well deserved. The recognition of the State Council is a great affirmation for Yao Liangsong and europay group. Continuing to vigorously respond to the call of the national employment and entrepreneurship policy and promoting the implementation of employment and entrepreneurship is bound to make the country, europay group and talents truly develop and advance. At the same time, It will also play a huge incentive role in the whole household industry in Guangdong and the whole country

It is reported that Yao Liangsong has always been enthusiastic about social public welfare undertakings. In 2011 alone, more than 100 disabled people were employed in europay and bought social insurance for them. At the same time, they donated more than 6 million yuan to disaster areas, Red Army primary schools and social poverty alleviation

Yao Liangsong said that it is europay's long-term ideal to lead all europay to create first-class management, first-class products and first-class services, realize "creating benefits for enterprises, seeking benefits for employees and making contributions to society", and build europay into a respected and famous first-class household brand at home and abroad

In recent years, Yao Liangsong has put forward and established the eight character policy of "fairness, brightness, unity and freedom", strengthened humanistic care, and shaped the enterprise culture and management system with European characteristics. Under his advocacy, europay established an employee safety fund to solve practical difficulties for difficult and injured employees and their families in a timely manner every year. The employees live and work in peace and contentment, and the staff team of the enterprise is stable, which has made a great contribution to the social harmony and stability of Guangzhou where europay group is located




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