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Floor decoration is undoubtedly the highlight of family decoration. Now the solid wood paint boards on the market are priced and sold according to square meters. At the same time, most sales enterprises are responsible for installation

floor decoration is undoubtedly the highlight of family decoration. Now the solid wood paint boards on the market are priced and sold according to square meters. At the same time, most sales enterprises are responsible for installation. The deception of the floor seems simple, but it is often ignored by the owners

according to experts in the decoration industry, some flooring sales enterprises have adopted a simple fraud method, that is, to "draw strips" from the whole box of flooring. Since most solid wood lacquer boards are packed in cartons, the owners cannot see the boards in the cartons, which gives bad salesmen an opportunity to take advantage of. Some salespeople pull out a piece of the floor in the whole box, and use some blindfolded methods when installing the floor. The owners who are not alert are often severely slaughtered

problem: the floor is installed with "strip drawing" tricky

take the solid wood floor as an example: if a certain owner installs a floor area of 80 square meters, and the medium price solid wood floor is about 250 yuan per square meter, the total price of the floor is 20000 yuan. According to the general specification of the floor in the current market, each piece is 0.081 square meters (0.9 meters × 0.09m), then each floor is about 20.25 yuan. If there are 12 pieces in each box, it will take 82 boxes of floors to install 80 square meters of floors. In the actual installation process, the "strip drawing" method adopted by unscrupulous wood flooring merchants is to select several boxes from 82 boxes of flooring and randomly draw a floor, that is, turn 12 pieces per box into 11 pieces per box. As for whether to draw 10 or 20 of the 82 boxes, "it depends on the degree of blackness of the salesperson", the expert said with emotion

if 10 yuan is withdrawn from the above floor, that is to say, the owner has been "stolen" more than 200 yuan in vain. Based on the average sales of 3 floor sellers per day, that is, 240 square meters, floor sellers can "steal" more than 600 yuan per day. If it is calculated based on 330 business days per year, these unscrupulous floor merchants can "steal" nearly 200000 yuan from the owner's floor every year, which is equivalent to "a Passat"

it is not difficult to see that these bad wood flooring businesses secretly withdraw a certain proportion of wood flooring according to the so-called "practice" in the industry, which is undoubtedly equivalent to stealing money from the owners' pockets

solution: receive goods in detail and prevent missing numbers

isn't it easy to see through such a simple trick? The expert pointed out that in the actual decoration process, most owners simply did not know that there were missing floors under the thick cartons. Generally, the owners will pay close attention to the floor itself before buying, and after bargaining and payment, especially after the floor is delivered home, they will relax their vigilance. The construction personnel in charge of installation in the sales enterprise will open the packages of some "missing floors" marked in advance without the attention of the owner. As long as the cartons are opened and faced with the floor covered with the ground, the owners simply have no way to investigate whether there is a shortage. To say the least, even if the owner finds that a box of floor is missing, the installer of the sales enterprise will have a good attitude and find some excuses such as "this box is a normal defective product, replace it immediately" to prevaricate it

in view of the evil practice of "stealing boards" by unscrupulous wood flooring merchants, the expert reminded consumers that the way to break through the deception is very simple, that is, after the floor is transported home, the owner will open a section of cross-section of most or all cartons to check whether there is a shortage. In addition, some floor installers will maliciously create "losses" in the process of installing the floor. After cutting off a piece of the complete floor, they will stuff it into the gap between the floor below and the ground. In this way, it is clear that the floor area purchased has exceeded the installation area, but they still need to buy more. If you want to prevent such "black tricks", you can only choose reputable enterprises or send more owners to watch on the scene




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