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Talking about the measures of power distribution loss reduction and energy conservation

in accordance with the national task requirements on energy conservation and emission reduction in the power industry, the national power company has put forward the goal of supporting environmentally friendly and capital saving enterprises, and has written it into the social statement. As a power supply enterprise, it is the duty bound society to implement the task of superstitious growth and thrifty growth, and do a solid job in energy conservation and consumption reduction. Since then, strengthening line loss management and implementing loss reduction measures have become one of the primary contents of power supply enterprise operation management

the line loss rate comprehensively reflects the planned design, production operation and operation management of electric power. Through the process of scientific and effective analysis and evaluation, we can find out the achievements in production, operation and management, and then adopt the methods and methods of manipulating the bow in terms of technology and management, which will complete the "more supply and less loss" of electric power

1. Analysis of line loss environment

since 2004, Tangshan power supply company has taken the line loss target as the primary goal that the company intends to handle. The company has overcome unprecedented difficulties, deeply explored the power potential, and completed the reduction of line loss rate year by year. From 2004 to 2006, the comprehensive line loss rate of 220 kV and below decreased by an average of 0.4% per year. The company's asset quality was further optimized and the cost was effectively controlled

however, with the expansion of electricity, the increase of equipment, the increase of electricity, the increase of the proportion of single sale electricity, and the change of social environment, the line loss rate is on the trend of increasing. Therefore, it is more difficult to maintain and reduce the current line loss rate target. Therefore, in the next few years, our goal is to optimize the electrical layout, improve the electrical operation style A series of effective measures such as accelerating the technological reform of high energy consumption equipment can maintain and maintain the line loss rate at a fair level

current difficulties and achievements in line loss management:

1. The line loss has been shaken greatly, and the process management and pre control skills need to be strengthened and improved. For example, the traceable power loss parameters formed by the change of CT, watt hour meter, abnormal metering circuit and other notices in some substations have not been recorded in detail; The pass lacks the data of demand for electricity and presents the scene of estimation and copying; The electricity sold and the electricity at the pass are not transcribed at the same time; The ability of timely tracking power supply and sales is poor, sometimes delaying the best opportunity to deal with performance; In addition, the rapid increase of load leads to the increase of retained power

2. The infrastructure layout is weak, and the ability of interconnection and mutual generation is poor. The 10kV outgoing line support of the substation is relatively backward, and the power supply point support with poor line demand forms a long 10kV power supply radius, circuitous line power supply and uneconomical distribution operation; Some high loss transformers are still in operation; Some lines have small numbers and serious aging; In addition, there is an environment in which the capacity of distribution transformer with certain life quantity does not match the existing electric load, and the distribution transformer load is not in the economic operation range; The three-phase load of some distribution transformers is unbalanced, and the neutral point is offset; The configuration is not very proactive

3. The essence of the staff needs to be strengthened, and the ability to analyze the results needs to be improved. There are phenomena of meter reading out of step, missing, estimating or not copying in ordinary tasks; During the implementation of the line loss management system, there are still problems such as poor management process and unclear management interface, and the implementation of rules and regulations is not in place

4. The phenomenon of stealing electricity is serious in some parts, and the management of power environment still needs to be strengthened. Some power households and trading households are connected around the meter, and the voltage and current circuits are open or short circuited. They change the measurement wiring style, change the measurement magnification, turn on the adjustment error of the electric energy meter or change the speed ratio of the counter, which directly affects the line loss rate and economic benefits of the power supply enterprises. In addition, sent by high profits, the subject of electricity theft in the future is extremely large, including the participation of black and evil powers, which does not remove the ability of collusion between the outside and the inside, thus increasing the difficulty of attack

5. Lack of reactive power compensation capacity. Due to the rapid increase of household appliances and the lack of capacity of reactive power compensation equipment, the line loss rate is reduced, and the voltage quality is difficult to meet the requirements of users

2. Technical measures to reduce loss and save energy

1. Strengthen the power distribution plan and intensify the reform of power support

properly consider the status of line loss in the placement of power plan, support and reform projects. Based on the improvement of power supply reliability, loss reduction and efficiency increase of metropolis, it is planned to stop refining and optimizing the layout of power supply points and distribution frames, and revise the rotation plan of power distribution year by year. During the initiation of the technological reform project, energy conservation and loss reduction should be advanced to the level of the key tasks of the state power company. Among them, the investment proportion of energy conservation and loss reduction projects should be greatly improved, so that the measures for energy conservation and loss reduction projects can be implemented in place, and the unlimited funds can maximize the economic benefits. Contact with the city for peak summer and urban reform, stop the reform of some overloaded distribution transformers and lines, timely add new power distribution points, extend the power supply radius and add circuitous power supply according to the urban load growth environment

2. Reasonable adjustment and improvement of economic operation degree

the probability of light load, no-load and overload of transformer shall be increased. Reasonably select the capacity and device location of the distribution transformer to eliminate the "big horse pulling cart" and three-phase imbalance. Adjust the three-phase load of the public transformer, and try to adopt three-phase balanced power transmission. For the three-phase four wire high-voltage power supply line, the imbalance at the transformer outlet shall not be greater than 10%. The business expansion report and installation should be handled at the same time, with emphasis on handling the load spreading, adjusting the lines with too heavy or too light load, and building the public transformer capacity reasonably. Further strengthen the evaluation task after the loss reduction

3. Accelerate the support of distribution automation and improve the scientific and technological content of the city.

distribution automation can not only effectively increase power outages and improve the quality of power supply, but also increase the redundant capacity of lines and increase the investment of lines. This is to stop in-depth discussion on the distribution initiative, learn from the advanced experience of South Korea, Japan and other countries, stop discussion and planning on the utilization of the distribution initiative, and make the distribution initiative a better support for loss reduction and supply. Through active support, it forms a set of distribution information, digital and active information management platform for indispensable testing equipment such as physical experiment, teaching research and quality control, completes the timely monitoring of distribution equipment operation status and distribution collection, establishes "digital" distribution, completes the sharing of fragmented capital, and improves the degree of marketing work

4. Reasonably stop the reactive power compensation, improve the power factor

contact the technical transformation funds, and concentrate the compensation equipment for the increased capacity of some substations. At the same time, according to the voltage environment, the substation shall timely stop the switching of reactive power compensation capacitors, contact the main transformer for on load voltage regulation and gear adjustment, and fully improve the quality of power supply voltage; For the 10kV distribution lines with long lines, many branches, low density and relatively separate distribution lines, the combination of separate compensation and centralized compensation can be adopted; For 10kV bus of substation, high voltage compensation capacitor can be added

5. Reasonably place equipment for inspection, and properly protect power transmission and distribution lines.

try to check and test the power supply and consumption equipment at the same time, so as to increase the time and frequency of power failure. Do a good job in handling the protection of transmission and distribution lines, add power leakage, clean and replace unqualified insulators, trim branches, often measure and discuss resistance, and timely check the results if found. For tasks such as line defect elimination, live work shall be taken as far as possible to control power failure work

6. Promote modern techniques and speed up the task of power remote transmission

strive to promote advanced modern technologies such as distribution lines, large-scale customer monitoring, centralized meter reading, load handling detection and power consumption information release, and further perfect the utilization function of load handling long-distance task stations. Electric quantity data is the basis of line loss task statistics, and the remote transmission of data is the premise to improve the line loss handling degree and complete the controllable and under control line loss handling. It is necessary to contact the pre-test to check the power failure, place the task of remote power transmission and piecemeal support in the substation, and strengthen the development and operation of the function of remote power transmission and piecemeal master station, so that it has the function of line loss in the piecemeal function, and timely explain that the experimental machine itself can measure the movement of 10 characters. Gradually complete the information sharing of substation power remote transmission, load control system and power plant power remote transmission, fully manipulate the existing data and information capital, and improve the scientific and technological level of line loss management

All objects

3. Handling measures for loss reduction and energy conservation

1. Efforts should be made to carry out the line loss handling tasks in the sub station area

implement all the task objectives of "clear statistics, penetrating interpretation, key breakthroughs and comprehensive management", sort out the line loss handling process, formulate relevant systems and rules, and strengthen the understanding and performance of rules and regulations. Try to change the concept, strengthen the handling of sub station areas, implement the details to the detailed staff, and try to ensure that each task of line loss handling has a clear division of labor, and each small goal has a clear unit. Through the process of station area management, grasp the source of high-voltage power loss, redouble the targeted placement and loss reduction plan, slowly implement the active transcription of station area assessment meters, improve the simultaneous rate of power supply data, and increase the high-voltage line loss rate

2. Strengthen line loss perspective analysis and actual calculation tasks

line loss analysis should implement three comparisons: compared with the previous month, compared with the same period last year, and compared with the actual calculation. For the completion environment of line loss rate, the power consumption situation and line loss analysis meeting shall be held on schedule every month to make a timely summary, especially the decomposition of key lines and abnormal lines, and effective methods shall be adopted in time for the results found. In the monthly line loss analysis statement, it is necessary to carefully look at the next month's power supply, sales, line loss rate and other environment to ensure that the line loss handling is controllable and under control. The completion environment of each month's objectives shall be included in the performance appraisal, and rewards and punishments shall be given on a monthly basis. Strengthen the handling of line loss reporting and data entry, ensure that the data is accurate and timely, and ensure that the target of line loss rate is achieved. The actual line loss calculation task should be done well, and the loss environment of power operation should be fully grasped. Each line loss unit should delay the preparation on the basis of the actual calculation of the previous year, stop modifying the change environment and parameters of the line under its command, stop measuring and analyzing the high-voltage distribution line loss, understand the main target of loss reduction, and provide basis for formulating loss reduction scheme and annual loss reduction plan

3. Strengthen measurement management

increase investment in measurement and assembly, improve accuracy, ensure measurement accuracy, and replace all electric energy meters that have been officially expanded by the state; Change the high-voltage current transformer from 0.5 to 0.2. The electric energy meter shall be calibrated on schedule. Increase the anti stealing reform of large-scale metering assembly, and adopt centralized installation of electric energy meters in meter boxes or public metering cabinets; High voltage user device discharge protection switch; High voltage metering box and magnetic card meter are adopted by users of high voltage supply and high voltage meter

4. Organize and carry out business census activities

focus on checking leakage, checking account cards, checking magnification, checking electricity meters and wiring. Combine surprise inspection with regular inspection, mutual inspection and self inspection. Through checking accounts, cards, tickets and meters to meet the environment, check the handling of right and power consumption, the handling of meter repair and inspection, and the actual measurement of electricity meters on site, check the base number of electricity meters, Check the modification of voltage and current transformers, wiring of electric energy meters and other tasks to block the gap in business management and destroy wrong wiring, wrong transcription and wrong magnification. Because of poor management and business

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