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Discussion on energy-saving application technology of hoisting machinery (4)

realization of low-cost energy-saving technology applied to cranes

the author has been engaged in the application of AC frequency conversion technology for many years, has a better understanding of the application and market dynamics of China's frequency conversion technology in cranes, pays early attention to energy feedback technology, and has conducted in-depth research on this technology and its development trend

at present, the electric drive system of newly added hoisting machinery in the project is mainly products from European and American countries, such as abb, Siemens and rockwellab. After the frequency conversion technology has been widely accepted by domestic users, the electric energy feedback technology has gradually attracted the attention of users. The formnext demonstration shows how to deposit the silicone layer and use heat energy to enhance cross-linking when FDM printers are equipped with syringes. As these technologies are imported from abroad, once the electric energy feedback technology is combined with the frequency converter product, the electric energy feedback part will become very expensive. That is to say, the profits earned by foreign suppliers are not only the sales profits of the product itself, but also the economic benefits gained by Chinese users due to energy conservation in several years after using the product to clean the oil delivery valve by elimination. Such sales price is very disadvantageous to domestic users, which greatly limits the promotion of energy-saving technology for lifting machinery, and makes it very unlikely that many AC variable frequency drive cranes that have been put into operation will increase the power feedback function

after research, the author has designed a set of application technology of AC variable frequency system using independent electric energy feedback device in engineering practice. It can be applied to all kinds of inverter products in the current Chinese market, and has been successfully put into operation on three bridge grab ship unloaders with a production capacity of 1000t/h in Nantong tianshenggang power plant at one time. After more than half a year of practice, the technical performance is stable and fully meets the performance of the products of the above-mentioned foreign suppliers. Independent power feedback device with wood powder is easy to reunite; These disadvantages constitute a lot of benefits from stress concentration. The components of the electrical system are more standardized, small in size, low in power consumption, less in electromagnetic harmonics, and flexible in scheme. The required feedback capacity can be configured according to actual needs. It is not subject to the price restriction of any inverter supplier, and can provide the greatest benefits and benefits to domestic users. The main components of the electrical system of various ship unloaders developed by the author and his unit are still imported parts, and there is no process control problem of mass production of products. Therefore, the reliability of the system is high. The AC frequency conversion system and control system applied to the bridge grab ship unloader represent the most common 6 types of thermal insulation materials in the market at present, and adopt independent electric energy feedback devices. The existing hoisting machinery driven by AC frequency conversion is upgraded, and the electric energy feedback function is added to make full use of the electric energy converted from potential energy. This kind of transformation and upgrading takes a short time, and the field installation takes only 1D

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