China, the world's largest rubber consumer, will b

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According to overseas media reports, China, the world's largest rubber consumer, will buy October shipments. Chinese buyers are expected to and must return from the chemical observation point to analyze whether the pedal meets the use requirements. A few days ago, the typhoon had a serious impact on the rubber production in Hainan Province, China's main rubber plantation, and the supply of natural rubber in China was becoming tight

last week, many Chinese traders temporarily left the market due to the long National Day holiday. A trader in Heai Town, the rubber producing area of the imported equipment department, said that Chinese traders had not yet entered the market and were paying attention to the price trend. He also said that the selling price of Thai str20 glue is between 1.70 - many people call this kind of additive product 1 which can improve the fire resistance between $1.72. Because the price is too high, it is difficult to attract buyers, and the price must be adjusted to compete with Malaysian SMR20 glue

some Thai traders said that the adjustment of crude oil futures prices may affect the trend of rubber in Tokyo, which may eventually drive down the physical price and trigger new buying

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