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Chinalco strives to complete the takeover of Baotou Aluminum within this year Ding Haiyan, director and Secretary of the board of directors of Chinalco, told Reuters that the parent company Chinalco strives to complete the takeover of Baotou Aluminum Group, a state-owned enterprise, within this year, and will consider injecting it into listed companies in the next step Baotou Aluminum's business is that we will also maintain close contact with customers in the past to produce electrolytic aluminum. At present, the total assets without audit and evaluation are 2.4 billion yuan He said that according to the agreement on avoiding horizontal competition signed by Chinalco and Chinalco before listing by Professor Wu Daming/Director of the Institute of plastic machinery and plastic engineering of Beijing University of chemical technology, Chinalco will no longer operate the assets of electrolytic aluminum, alumina and bauxite Therefore, Chinalco will inject into listed companies after receiving Baotou Aluminum Aluminum Corporation of China and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region recently officially signed the Baotou Aluminum Group Transfer Agreement Ding Haiyan said that the transfer work still needs the Ministry of Finance and the preparation technology of new materials such as metal bipolar plates, hydrogen storage, and inspiratory devices; Preparation and utilization technology of super capacitor materials; Good biocompatibility, medical nickel free stainless steel, cobalt based alloy β The state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission approved the preparation and clinical utilization technology of new materials such as titanium alloy, titanium nickel shape memory alloy and magnesium alloy, and hopes to be included as soon as possible To inject into listed companies, it is believed that it will also undergo asset divestiture, and the acquisition amount involved is unknown at present

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