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Google has no relevant plan to eliminate international roaming fees for Chinese operators.

Google is currently negotiating cooperation with Hutchison Whampoa, the holding company of three, a British mobile operator, and hopes to reach a cooperation framework with the latter so that American users do not need to pay international roaming fees when using services overseas

Google has previously said that it will create a global network where users will only pay the same fees for SMS and data services wherever they use them. Previously, Hutchison Whampoa was also considering reducing or even completely exempting three users from the international roaming fee that has always existed. Therefore, analysts believe that the cooperation between the two is reasonable

industry analysts believe that through this pilot service, Google will put pressure on the largest mobile operators in the United States, including at t and Verizon, because their profits far exceed their European competitors. At the same time, Google can also encourage more operators to invest in new technologies and improve the coverage of mobile networks based on WiFi signals through this project

however, China is not within the scope of Google's cooperation for the time being, and China's three major basic operators also said that they have no relevant plans at present

an operator believes that the international roaming business currently needs to buy the physical operation networks of operators in other countries, and someone must pay. Either Google, the advertiser behind Google, or the operator. Someone has to pay, but it's still unclear about the business model of Google's business

although the three major operators are not interested in this, this is an opportunity for virtual operators to load. Yesterday, jiangzhixiang, chairman of sharecom, told the Beijing news that sharecom would launch similar services in May

according to Jiang Zhixiang, at present, sharing has established cooperation with several major operators in the United States, and will launch the global roaming local communication service for Chinese global roaming users. Before going abroad, users who share communications can enjoy domestic tariffs as long as they apply, download an international roaming service package, pass SMS authentication, and use voice and SMS services abroad

the exposed shaft end of the sharing communication should protrude from the end face of the containing part, and cooperate with large foreign operators to purchase a batch of local communication cards in the United States, which is relatively cheap. Chinese users have passed the company certification. After going abroad, they will bind a virtual foreign local card to the original Chinese card. The two cards are combined into one through the shared cloud Card Center, and users do not need to carry out additional operations. When calling abroad, the domestic number is still displayed, but the foreign local tariff a3=w2 × (f2-f1)=0.05 × (2000⑴000)=50。 Jiang Zhixiang said

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