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Jiangsu: pure imported food also needs to be equipped with a Chinese ID card

Coca Cola made in Japan, chocolate from Switzerland, dried fruits from Vietnam, red wine from France... Imported food, which has always been sold only at the counters of high-end shopping malls, is gradually giving up its "figure" and entering the tobacco, alcohol and food stores on the streets, The foreign language instructions marked on the food outer packaging also seem to explain to customers that their "petrochemical and chemical industry has achieved a profit of 765.2 billion yuan, which is genuine". Although the average price of these pure imported foods is about three times higher than that of similar domestic products, they still attract the attention of many customers. In this regard, the inspection and Quarantine Department of Jiangsu Province issued a reminder on August 10, "imported food packaged in all foreign languages on the market does not comply with the relevant provisions of the state on pre packaged food, and consumers should be cautious."

in an imported food franchise store in Xinjiekou, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, you can see a wide range of foods from boxed lozenges to foreign wine gift boxes from all over the world. Most of these foods are beautifully packaged and much more expensive than similar domestic foods. For the same tinned coke, the retail unit price of domestically produced coke is about 2 yuan, but here it costs 8 yuan. The price of boxed imported biscuits and chocolates is generally also yuan, and high-end foreign wines such as "Remy Martin" are often thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan. A promoter of the store told that most of the people who buy these imported foods are foreigners and young white-collar workers. They will reduce the quality of hydraulic oil. Although there is not as much passenger flow as ordinary supermarkets, there are many "repeat customers"

the relevant staff of Jiangsu entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that imported food is not equal to high-quality food, and imported food, like domestic food, may also have quality problems. The general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food, which was implemented on October 1 last year, clearly stipulates that imported prepackaged food should be marked with the country name or regional name of the country of origin (referring to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan), in order to help everyone and the name and address of agents, importers or dealers registered in China according to law. Although in March this year, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China issued an announcement that enterprises will no longer be forced to apply for inspection with label examination certificates when importing and exporting food and cosmetics, this does not mean that the labels of imported prepackaged food are exempted from inspection, but that in addition to normal health supervision and inspection, it also means whether the product packaging has Chinese labels Conduct comprehensive inspection, quarantine and evaluation on whether the contents of Chinese signs are true. If you buy imported food without Chinese labels or with irregular labels, it will be quite difficult for consumers to trace back and protect their rights in case of quality disputes. (Zhu Xinlei)

information source: Sina

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