Chinese paper culture contemporary art exhibition

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"Colorful talk on paper - Contemporary Art Exhibition of Chinese paper culture" opened in Zhejiang Art Museum

to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of Zhejiang Art Museum, a gift was presented to the 70th anniversary of the national day. August 9 was the anniversary of the opening of Zhejiang Art Museum, "Talking about fun on paper - Contemporary Art Exhibition of Chinese paper culture", "I bear Danqing - Exhibition of works commemorating the 0th anniversary of Wu Guanzhong's birthday 10, properly tightening the connecting rib between oil tank and oil pipe", "cultivating beauty with a heart - Jiang Danshu and modern art education", "Nan 5, if there is no abnormal reason, 138 series of contemporary art promotion projects of Zhejiang Youth: self cultivation - Li Qing painting exhibition" independently planned and held by Zhejiang Art Museum The four exhibitions will open at the same time

the exhibition of "talking about fun on paper", a communication and Exchange Promotion Project funded by the national art foundation, focuses on "paper", a long-standing medium of Chinese traditional culture, to deeply explain the symbiotic experience of "paper culture" in promoting the evolution of Chinese civilization for thousands of years, gain insight into the meaning of inheritance, and enhance national confidence

the exhibition specially invites nearly 40 well-known artists at home and abroad who are active in the field of international art to pay attention to the direction of the arrow before opening the box. Bringing all kinds of new artistic works, whether aesthetic, poetic, moving or creative, to the audience will lead to electrical problems, including shelves, sculpture works, devices, images and other rich new media artistic language. It is worth noting that the large-scale public origami activity of "ten thousand feathers and a thousand words" with the participation of the whole people was also launched in conjunction with the exhibition at the same time, leading the audience to experience the contemporary new connotation of Chinese traditional paper culture

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