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Imported cars "Chinese style profiteering": dealers used to eat abalone and bird's nest every day. I don't know when, the Chinese market began to gradually become a "cornucopia" for the world's auto giants to compete for wealth. I don't know since when, the Chinese market has gradually become a cornucopia for the world's auto giants to compete for wealth

according to the 2012 China luxury car report released by the wealth Quality Research Institute, China has increasingly become the absolute main market of the world's top luxury cars. In 2011, the average growth rate of the world's top luxury car brands in the Chinese market was as high as 60%-70%, of which Maserati (95%), Bentley (94.6%), Aston Martin (72.7%), Rolls Royce (67%) and Lamborghini (66%) ranked the top three in terms of sales growth. Among them, China has become the world's largest market for Rolls Royce, Bentley and Lamborghini, the world's second largest market for Ferrari and Maserati, and the largest market for Aston Martin in Asia

take Jaguar Land Rover as an example. This British luxury car brand, which was on the brink of bankruptcy five years ago and was acquired by Tata India for $2.3 billion, has achieved a dramatic reversal in the Chinese market. In 2012, the profit of Jaguar Land Rover reached 1.5 billion pounds, equivalent to 2.42 billion dollars, more than the total price of the acquisition in 2008

and its high profits are mainly from the hot sales in the Chinese market. Data show that in 2012, Jaguar Land Rover delivered 73347 vehicles in China, with a year-on-year increase of 74%. In the first half of this year, Jaguar Land Rover still sold 42155 vehicles, an increase of 16% year-on-year, despite the replacement of products

the fact that China's car price is the most expensive in the world has become a well-known fact, which makes some people salivate and some people shudder. What makes such a super profit? In addition to multinational companies, who else are the looters? What is the real secret behind the high price of imported cars

the same imported car is the most expensive in the world: it is more valuable to break it up and sell it.

after issuing fines to giants in LCD panel, Baijiu, milk powder, gold jewelry and other industries, the anti-monopoly investigation of the national development and Reform Commission also pointed to the domestic auto industry, which is known as the world's most expensive car price

Shen Jinjun, executive vice president and Secretary General of the China Automobile Circulation Association, said that the association was currently assisting the national development and Reform Commission in investigating violations of the anti monopoly law by the automobile industry. The scope of the investigation includes both imported cars and domestic joint venture cars. In addition, in addition to the car price, it also includes the after-sales service of 4S stores

however, regardless of the survey results, it has become an indisputable fact that the price of imported cars in China is the most expensive in the world

for example, taking the range rover 5.0t top version as an example, the price of this model in China is 2.798 million yuan, and the market terminal sales price after the dealer increases the price is 3.2 million yuan. However, the price of the car is equivalent to 1.052 million yuan in Japan, 1.036 million yuan in Germany, 835000 yuan in the UK, the headquarters of Land Rover, while in the United States, the price of this model sold out of stock in China is only 833000 yuan

in addition to the vehicle price, imported car parts also have a rich background. According to a CCTV survey, a large-scale Auto Parts City on the West Fourth Ring Road in Beijing has gathered a large number of stalls selling auto parts on the second floor of the Auto Parts City, and there are many kinds of accessories, but there are no imported auto parts here

in fact, in China, foreign car enterprises are not allowed to produce car parts by themselves, which are circulated to major auto parts cities in China and are only allowed to be replaced in 4S stores. The single sales channel eventually led to the surprisingly high price of parts for imported cars

according to the price of parts and components provided by the 4S store, a rough calculation is made. Taking Audi q72013 as an example, its price is 714200. For the parts of this car, the unit price of the engine is 300000, the gearbox is 170000, the main body is 100000, the lamp is 50000, the door is 40000, the wheel hub is 40000, and the engine computer is 20000. The price of these seven parts alone exceeds the price of the whole car

the abnormally high price has made China a cornucopia for multinational companies, and even a lifesaver. Take the range rover as an example. Jaguar Land Rover, a British luxury car brand that was on the brink of bankruptcy five years ago and was acquired by Tata India for $2.3 billion, has achieved a dramatic reversal in the Chinese market. In 2012, the profit of Jaguar Land Rover reached 1.5 billion pounds, equivalent to 2.42 billion dollars, more than the total price of the acquisition in 2008

in addition, Toyota Motor lost $4.4 billion in its global business during the 2008 financial crisis, but made a profit of $1 billion in China. In 2009, Honda's global net profit was $3.18 billion, of which 2.86 billion was contributed by the Chinese market. In the first quarter of 2010, Volkswagen's pre tax profit was $1.005 billion, of which 409 million came from the Chinese market, accounting for almost 40% of its profit

however, although the relationship between manufacturers and dealers is unequal, there is no response according to 1. The pressure value: 1. Generally, there are three situations, the old is the community of interests. The high profits of imported cars have gently hidden the contradiction between the two for many years

for example, China Import Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., a domestic state-owned enterprise specializing in automobile import general agent, according to the data of China Automobile Circulation Association, from 2007 to 2009, the operating revenue of China import automobile trade increased from 4.7 billion yuan to 13.8 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of 71%. Its agent brands include Volkswagen, jeep, Chrysler, Buick, Ford, Opel, Land Rover, Spyker and other well-known brands

however, in recent years, the contradiction between domestic dealers and multinational companies is escalating day by day

since 2012, affected by the global economy, multinational companies have taken the Chinese market as a lifesaver, dumped a large number of models to China in order to release production capacity and ensure profits, and transferred all the sales pressure to Chinese imported car dealers

however, domestic demand does not seem to be very awesome. In fact, the demand of imported cars, especially large displacement luxury cars, has become overdrawn after the high growth in the early stage. At present, the market is returning to rational consumption

according to the latest statistics of the China Automobile Association, the growth rate of China's luxury car market in the first quarter of this year was only 8.34%, while the growth rate of the luxury car market in the first quarter of last year was 4. We will fully lay special polymer products in this region by about 0%. Compared with the two, the growth rate of luxury car market sales in the first quarter of this year fell by 80% year-on-year

correspondingly, the price of imported cars also fell at a high price. According to the data released by the price monitoring center of the national development and Reform Commission, the price of imported cars fell 0.14% month on month in June this year, down 3.24% year-on-year, and fell for three consecutive months. Among them, the price of imported cars decreased by 2.97% over the same period last year; The price of imported off-road vehicles decreased by 3.48% over the same period last year

under the double-sided attack of great leap forward supply and sluggish consumer demand, the inventory coefficient of imported car brands is rising. The latest survey results released by the China Automobile Circulation Association showed that in February 2013, the inventory coefficient of imported brands was 3.34, which was far from the warning line of 1.5, indicating that their inventory was too high and their business pressure and risks increased

in this context, the interests of dealers were greatly squeezed by multinational companies, so they began to complain and point the spearhead at multinational companies. Zhang Zhiyong attributed this to the fundamental reason why the recent imported car profiteering incident was getting louder and louder. Their profits have decreased significantly compared with the past. In the past, they ate abalone and bird's nest, but now they may eat steamed bread every day

is the high price of imported cars a monopoly

is the high price of imported cars a monopoly? Should the state suppress it

facing the recent upsurge of public opinion, Du Fangci, the former director of the Automobile Department of the Ministry of machinery industry and the director of the State Bureau of machinery industry, and the current consultant of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, is deeply helpless. In an interview with China weekly, he said that whether the exorbitant profits of imported cars are suspected of monopoly depends on the national investigation results; If you violate relevant laws and regulations, the state has the right to impose corresponding penalties. However, if you do not violate them, the market economy originally pursues profit maximization, which is the law of the market economy. If they sell expensive, you have no choice but to rely on the law of market competition, such as the development of high-end independent brands, rather than policy repression. National brands make their own high-end cars. No matter how expensive they are, no one buys them. Do you think they can reduce them

in fact, let's take a closer look at the global price of the range rover 5.0t maximum version mentioned above. If you are careful, you will find that it is priced at 835000 yuan in the UK, 833000 yuan in the United States, and 1052000 yuan and 1036000 yuan in Japan and Germany respectively. Obviously, you can't simply summarize this price difference with emotional words such as monopoly, bullying and contempt

in short, when we angrily criticize these greedy multinational companies and even domestic dealers, maybe we should quietly review ourselves. Who calls you stupid and rich

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