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IOT operating system: Chinese enterprises rising in the tuyere

IOT operating system: Chinese enterprises rising in the tuyere

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at present, IOT is in the early stage of development, the industrialization of the operating system is also in the initial stage, and the market pattern has not been established. In this development window period, small and medium-sized enterprises also have many opportunities. IOT operating system should be raised to the national strategic level to promote the industrialization of the system. In the future, domestic IOT operating system manufacturers represented by Qingke may rise in this window period

in the history of the scientific and technological revolution, the operating system undoubtedly left a heavy mark, which not only gave birth to several major industrial giants, but also is one of the symbols of the right to speak in the information industry. In the past decade, the popularity of PC and intelligence in human life has made a few operating systems quickly monopolize the market and form an unbreakable golden body. At present, IOT is in the early stage of development, and the industrialization of operating systems is in its infancy, and a unified market has not yet been formed. In this development window period, the operating system manufacturers that can stand out are not necessarily the original giants, and small and medium-sized enterprises also have great opportunities. In this tide of IOT development, due to its broad market and continuously improving innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere, China may have enterprises that seize this opportunity and stand on the top of the wave of IOT operating system

highly scalable and flexible operating system

as we all know, a major role of the operating system is to realize the separation of hardware and software, that is, all software and application developers only need to develop application software according to the programming interface provided by the operating system, and the application software can be run on all devices based on the operating system, without considering various hardware configurations in the device. In the IOT environment, this separation of software and hardware gives full play to many unknown fields and application scenarios of hardware. For example, a gprs/gps module has location and transmission functions, but after various separated application software packages, it can be upgraded to an effective tool for nursing, security, insurance and other scenarios. Through software innovation, it opens the door to explore unknown fields for hardware

however, PC and intelligent are mostly standardized hardware configurations, and it is not difficult to standardize and batch copy their operating systems. Due to the diversity and fragmentation of IOT devices, hardware resources are often in different constraint environments, which puts forward higher requirements for the scalability and flexibility of the operating system. For example, for smart watches with rich application scenarios and metering terminals that only need simple communication and scheduling functions, the size of their operating system should be very different, which may be scalable from a few K to dozens of M, thus forming the requirements of high scalability and flexibility of IOT operating system

continuous accumulation and the construction of an open ecosystem

although it has the basic support of RTOS kernel, the diversity of IOT applications forms the requirements of high scalability and flexibility, high integration, fast response, low power consumption, rich functions and so on, which makes the development of IOT operating system extremely challenging, and years of technology and talent accumulation are essential. More importantly, the formation of a complete industrial ecosystem and joint promotion can ensure the popularity of the operating system. The history of PC and intelligent operating system fully illustrates the status of industrial ecology. At the initial stage of system development and promotion, on the one hand, it needs the support of more hardware manufacturers. On the other hand, a large number of application developers are extremely important. Therefore, it is a good choice to establish industrial alliances, developer alliances and similar groups at the initial stage

in the process of cooperation with many foreign merchants, Zoomlion has broad prospects in China and the optimization of the innovation and entrepreneurship environment. The implementation and promotion of this industry in China has made the whole industrial chain take shape, and all links of the industrial chain are occupied by enterprises. In the aspect of operating system, an enterprise named Shanghai Qingke information technology company stood out, and the result was determined that mico, the first IOT operating system in China, was released in July 2014. Qingke has ten years of experience in the field of IOT and continues to provide solutions for intelligent hardware. For ecosystem construction, in addition to supporting most commonly used microcontroller platforms such as St, ATMEL, Freescale and NXP, it also establishes industrial alliances with hardware manufacturers such as intelligent hardware, home appliances and entrepreneurs, and continues to serve developers and attract developers to join

the market pattern has not been established, and the win-win concept promotes the popularization.

since this year, the IOT operating system has begun to make substantial progress. The pressure testing machine is an experimental machine. Following Qingke's first release of China's first IOT operating system, arm has released the IOT operating system mbed, and Google is also committed to the promotion of the IOT operating system platform, but the IOT operating system field has not formed a clear competitive situation

the establishment of windows' position in PC and Android, and IOS' position in intelligent operating system stems from the explosive growth of PC and intelligent shipments. Similarly, the establishment of IOT operating system's position also needs the help of the rapid growth of intelligent devices. However, although there are a large number of devices connected at present, most of them are simple communication and occasional connection, without special operating system, software and hardware are not separated, and there is no intelligent interconnection. Compared with the prospect of tens of billions of devices in the future, the number of devices that have achieved intelligent connection accounts for a negligible share. This order of magnitude of terminals is not enough for operating system suppliers to carve up the world. In addition, the competitive situation of IOT operating system is not clear, and operating system providers, including small and medium-sized enterprises, have the opportunity to rise

the law of network economy is still effective in the field of IOT operating system. The key to the promotion of the operating system is to try our best to obtain the support of more connected devices. Therefore, under the concept of building an open ecosystem, the operating system supplier should not only provide an operating system, but also help the hardware and terminals in the ecosystem become more convenient smart devices with the ecological win-win thinking, including helping the hardware to quickly interconnect, quickly connect to the cloud, quickly develop applications and other services, such as providing embedded communication modules to realize hardware interconnection, and providing platforms for hardware to connect to all kinds of clouds, Provide SDK to accelerate app development, so that hardware manufacturers can only focus on the core functions of hardware, and can also quickly, cheaply and simply become the node of interconnection of all things. The operating system has naturally achieved popularity in hardware

strategic height: the landing of the feelings of domestic autonomous operating system

with the rapid development of ICT industry, information security has risen to a national strategic height. This year, the Chinese government has made it clear that win8 will not be included in the government procurement plan, largely for the consideration of information security. In the future, the number of IOT terminals will far exceed that of PCs, peace boards and other electronic devices. This 10 billion terminal group will bring a wide range of applications to the operating system. At the same time, it will also expose every detail of people's production and life to the network, and the information security challenges of sovereign countries will be more serious, To raise the domestic operating system to the national industrial war, we need to consult the standard in detail. Linear grating ruler or resistance strain gauge: it is of great significance when carrying out the 3-point zigzag experiment

in the field of PC and intelligence, domestic operating systems have repeatedly failed, with few breakthroughs in market share, and are in an embarrassing situation. However, the IOT field has not yet formed a time window for an operating system to dominate the world. Domestic operating systems have many opportunities to promote the industrialization of independent domestic operating systems with a strategic height, which will not only have a say in the comparison of scientific and technological strength in the future IOT field, but also be an important measure of the national information security strategy

of course, the popularization of the operating system is still a process of market selection. The high support of the national strategy is not in the form of planning means and administrative orders, but on the basis of abiding by commercial principles, in terms of top-level design, incentive policies, scientific research projects, intellectual property protection, etc., and based on the consideration of information security, in terms of government affairs, national defense In the government procurement of IOT projects such as public utilities, domestic operating systems are preferred

it has been more than ten years since the concept of IOT was put forward. The commercialization efforts of many enterprises in recent years have pushed it to the next outlet of science and technology industrialization, which will spawn another group of great enterprises. It is expected that China's IOT operating system enterprises will take this trend to rise in the market competition and make the dream of domestic autonomous operating system come true

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