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There are two main brand models for hardware manufacturers to operate in the market

at present, hardware manufacturers mainly operate brands in the market, including professional brands and system brands. At present, hardware manufacturers mainly operate brands in the market in two ways: professional brands and system brands

system brand generally refers to the brand of multi category product portfolio, and the product line covers door locks, supporting engineering hardware, large handles, door control hardware, bathroom hardware pendant and other series products. This kind of brand usually takes franchised stores or in store stores as the form of terminal sales. The brand image is prominent, the product portfolio is perfect, and the products complement each other to drive sales, which basically realizes the one-stop shopping needs of customers, and can also solve the problem that engineers can purchase the same brand 588.4 for multiple categories of products, reduce the links including multiple purchases by biomedical dealers, and maximize the benefits of stores; At the same time, due to the huge product system and the personality and connotation of the brand, it is difficult to be copied by peers

however, it is very difficult for such brands to succeed if they want to operate with a 5V supply voltage: 1. Most brand operators only produce their single core products or have no factories. The supporting products of other categories are OEM products of some styles and varieties directly in other factories, so most products lack highlights and selling points, and there is no differentiation. The reducer should be cleaned; 2. The operating cost is high. Because most of the products are OEM OEM, the price is not competitive, and the dealers are not confident enough to promote the brand; 3. Great inventory pressure, insufficient cooperation of OEM processing plants, or too few varieties and styles, or the phenomenon of out of stock and delayed delivery often occurs; 4. In addition to core individual products, other OEM products are difficult to update and launch new products in time

professional brands generally refer to factories that produce more specialized products and promote their core individual products to the market. The advantages of this brand are professional production, high cost performance, rapid delivery and strong R & D and innovation ability. However, the disadvantage is that the product line is relatively simple, and the advantageous products are easy to be imitated and copied by peers and weakened. Moreover, there is only one wall for display in the dealer's stores, so the brand image is difficult to improve, so the comprehensive competitiveness is not strong, and it is easy to be submerged in the vast market

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