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Advantech smart 2009 Digital Signage digital signage solution press conference is about to be held

China industrial control information Advantech smart 2009 Digital Signage digital signage solution press conference is about to be held

Dear colleagues in the industry:

Hello! The passionate year of 2008 is about to pass. In this year, Advantech, a leading manufacturer of global industrial computing platforms, is optimistic about the vast business opportunities of self-service and intelligent retail in China in the future. Advantech intelligent department is specially established to provide a complete digital signage digital electronic Kanban solution. It is expected to play a "solution enabler" in the industrial chain, and work together with hardware platform providers, software companies, content integrators, display panel manufacturers and digital billboard system operators to accelerate the growth of the industry

here, we sincerely invite all colleagues in the industry to attend the "Advantech smart 2009 solution press conference". In addition to experiencing Advantech Smart's new generation of digital electronic signage solutions, we also share our experience and achievements with colleagues in the industry

time theme speaker

13:30~14:00 guest sign in

14:00~14:10 opening and activity introduction Jiang Mingzhi, sales director of Advantech China

14:10~14:40 new technologies and trends in the Chinese market Intel guest

Digital Signage

14 so the consumption of body structure only accounts for 12%: 40~15:00 Advantech intelligent digital electronic Kanban implements enterprise social solutions Advantech intelligent product manager

Digital Signage

15:00-15:30 Hotel and education industry digital Zhejiang Province's largest functional membrane material research and production base starts to announce the winning secret of the market Lvchuang technology

15:30-16:00 digital announcement system industry application case sharing Advantech intelligent software partners

15:50-17:00 guest discussion and lottery link

press conference information

Beijing field December 10 Advantech Beijing company Shangdi Information Industry Base 6th Street, Haidian District, Beijing No.7

Shenzhen field December 12, the first-class hall on the third floor of Shenzhen Seaview Austin Hotel, overseas Chinese town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Shanghai field December 17, Jiuzhou Hall B on the fourth floor of Shanghai Jianguo Hotel, No. 439 Caoxi North Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

activity contact person

Liu Liang/Yanhua marketing specialist tel:e-4, the operation of high and low temperature experimental machine is simple mail:ang@

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