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in April 2006, Advantech PAC China Travel - pilotage of a new generation of industrial controllers, TOP10 city series activities will be grandly kicked off. The event will first appear in Beijing on April 14, touring Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Qingdao. Advantech will explain to you the open PAC system, compact PAC system, flexible PAC system and strong PAC system. I believe the topic of this event will make friends in the industry refreshing. It can not only let you appreciate the progress made by Advantech in the past 23 years, but also show you that the solution of Advantech automation is not only a few products, but also the latest products and innovative technologies

at that time, Advantech will provide PAC solutions to meet the personalized needs of customers in different industries, including power, energy, transportation, environmental monitoring, mechanical equipment and other industries that China has focused on in recent years. This series of solutions will integrate adam-5550, uno-2100, uno-3000 and mic-3000 series of excellent products, and can provide dual Ethernet interfaces and dual USB, Multiple rs-232/rs-485 ports and other rich communication interfaces and CF card interfaces to meet the complex system integration needs of different customers. Advantech PAC solution adopts high-performance CPU and solid i/o design, which fully meets the application requirements of high computing power and high reliability. In addition, adam-5550, uno-2100 and uno-3000 series also adopt solid machinery and fanless design with a stroke of 1000 or 1200mm for those with corrugated keys and bad rings on the flat plate of composite materials with an elongation of more than 1000%

all PAC platforms of Advantech will be embedded with kW softlogic (soft logic) kernel, which is fully compatible with iec-61131 standard, and supports ld/fbc/sfc/st/il programming language and multiple language functions; It supports Modbus RTU/tcp standard protocol and can communicate with various configuration software. In addition, Yakong technology is tailor-made for Advantech PAC series products, adding new functions to Kingview software; In the new Kingview, the i/o variables of PCA products can be automatically generated in Kingview without manual definition, which greatly shortens the project development time and realizes the seamless integration scheme with Advantech PAC. Moreover, Advantech has invited successful system integrators in the industry to share successful integrated applications and experiences with you

we are confident that customers will benefit from this event and find the right choice in Advantech's comprehensive PAC solution. Welcome to Advantech PAC China to learn about the latest development information of PAC solutions

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