A brief introduction to the weekly market of HDPE

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A brief description of the one week market of China Plastics spot HDPE (March 10 - March 14)

this week, the price of China Plastics City Rose violently, the market atmosphere was slightly active, the trading volume remained generally weak, and the China Plastics price index fluctuated slightly. As of Friday, China's plastic price index was 1294.40 points, up 9.41 points year-on-year from the same period last week; The China Plastics spot index rose violently, reaching 1261.92 points on Friday, up 11.10 points year-on-year from the same period last week. 1、 Upstream information review:

the international futures oil price showed a volatile upward trend this week. As of the close of this Friday, WTI crude oil closed at $110.33/barrel, up $4.86 from last Friday; Brent crude oil was reported at $107.54/barrel, up $4.93 from last Friday. Monomer: the quotation of Asian ethylene monomer CFR Northeast Asia 10 is in. Host form: portal frame structure USD/ton, with a sharp decrease of USD 60/ton compared with the same period last week. The quotation of CFR Southeast Asia is in USD/ton, with a decrease of USD 20/ton. European ethylene quotation showed a negative trend this week, FD northwest Europe fell 7 euros/ton to 997 00 euros/ton, CIF northwest Europe fell by 27 euros/ton, and the quotation was 1325 50 euros/ton. 2、 Market review:

traders have good shipping intentions this week, but the quotation is more cautious, unwilling to pull up the market too quickly, and they are very disgusted with the step-by-step pressure of petrochemical. The Shanghai market still rose slightly, driven by PetroChina East China, both low-pressure and high-pressure rose. The high-pressure mainstream was at 13850, and the imported injection molding also rose to about 14000; Linyi PE market atmosphere is general, linear/high-voltage quotation slightly lower, the range is not large, morning delivery is general; The transaction in Nanjing PE market encountered some resistance, and the price was stable. The 704 experimental data were accurate and reliable. 2. The transaction was 14200 yuan/ton, and the transaction in 1802 was 14300 yuan/ton. The quotation of 5000S is 13750 yuan/ton. 5306j is about yuan/ton

the PE market in China plastic city continues to heat up, the high-pressure material market is rising, the strength is not decreasing, the high level of linear material is stabilizing, and the rise and fall of low-pressure material are mutual. With the continuous rise of market prices, the cost of raw materials is rising, and the downstream factories are difficult to adapt to the fashion, (3) Jinan Shijin's enthusiasm to adopt exchange hydraulic technology for production is not high, and the actual demand is declining. At present, the mainstream price in the market is: wire drawing material yuan/ton, injection plastic yuan/ton, film material yuan/ton, hollow material yuan/ton. 3、 Next week's trend forecast:

at present, from the perspective of market mentality, most traders are optimistic about the recent market and believe that the market is in a normal consolidation period. Overall, the HDPE market is slowly recovering this week, and it is expected that the market will continue to consolidate at a high level in the near future

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