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Advantech joined hands with Intel to promote the transformation of energy intelligence and accelerate the construction of energy interconnection. On November 23, 2017, Advantech Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 2395), the leading manufacturer of global intelligent systems, and Intel, the leading manufacturer of the global chip industry, jointly held the energy IOT innovation Technology Application Forum in Jinan, Shandong Province. The theme of the two sides is to help electric intelligence and create a new era of energy, Discuss the development trend of smart city and energy interconnection together. Representatives of Shandong electric power and Energy Association were invited to attend the meeting to show the great advantages of Shandong Province in energy. In addition, Advantech also showed solutions for energy segmentation industries such as one-stop distributed roof photovoltaic power generation and plant energy management and intelligent environmental control solutions at the meeting

Advantech and Intel jointly held the energy IOT Innovation Technology Application Forum in Jinan, Shandong Province.

Lin Qingbo, R & D director of Advantech global industrial IOT business group, said that Shandong Province is a big province of manufacturing and energy, and has great advantages in energy. We have great advantages in using tensile testing machines to do tensile tests on materials, and it is an excellent pilot for intelligent transformation of the energy industry. In the context of smart manufacturing 2025 and energy interconnection, we are very happy to have a high-value partner like Intel. As the driver of the new era of green energy, Advantech has provided energy solutions for new energy, smart electricity and energy-saving systems to meet the market demand for power generation, transmission and transformation, and power consumption, and applied IOT technologies such as edge computing, data acquisition, and communication to the energy field, providing power, photovoltaic Subdivisional energy industries such as gas inject digital wisdom to drive the reform of the energy industry, and actively respond to the national initiative of green development and sustainable development to create a green, energy-saving and environment-friendly society

Lin Qingbo further added that in response to the development trend of energy IOT, Advantech has accelerated the arrival of a new era of green energy through the full layout of power generation, transmission and transformation and power consumption. At the power generation end, focusing on clean energy such as wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation, key data can be monitored in real time through efficient solutions, so that the operation of the power station is clear at a glance; If the investment scope of power transmission and transformation is large or small, provide flexible, reliable and high-performance substation solutions to meet the needs of data acquisition; At the power consumption end, the energy consumption can be analyzed according to the needs of users through the factory energy management solution. Among them, the successful case of Jicheng electronics in smart gas is to achieve accurate collection and statistical analysis of operation data and early warning of potential safety hazards; This case includes from the information security IOT meter in the perception layer, the remote monitoring terminal of the security protection system, to the gas information security master station software, which can timely provide users with one-stop information security needs, and fully implement the intelligent application of energy from end to cloud through interconnection

Intel China IOT product marketing department uses chromium oxide grinding paste to express to xieqingshan, director of research products, that we are very happy to carry out in-depth cooperation with Advantech in the energy field, implement Intel's leading technologies, products and solutions in the energy industry, bring computing to the edge, deeply tap the value of energy data, promote energy industry innovation, accelerate industrial cooperation, and actively contribute to China's energy market transformation, Accelerate the development of energy interconnection

at the meeting, Advantech focused on two solutions for energy segmentation industries, which brought inspiration to the intelligent transformation of energy:

one stop distributed roof photovoltaic power generation solution: This is a one stop distributed roof photovoltaic power generation solution based on cloud computing. For the big data analysis and mining solution of photovoltaic power generation, users can switch to use it according to their needs by using multi protocol acquisition and photovoltaic dedicated communication management; Machine and operation and maintenance management system SPMS integrate mobile clients to provide power station managers with timely, convenient, intelligent and efficient analysis and supervision services, so as to grasp the benefits of the power station conveniently and quickly at any time

plant energy management and intelligent environmental control scheme: This is a solution for the construction of energy management system, providing an overall application scheme for the software and hardware required for energy management, summarizing and monitoring energy consumption indicators and management reports, assisting managers to find abnormal energy consumption, continuously optimizing the use of equipment and improving production scheduling, so as to implement fine management and continuously improve enterprise profits

through the complete layout of renewable energy IOT, Advantech will continue to strive to achieve the goal of reducing costs, improving power efficiency, improving reliability, and achieving a substantial new energy goal of smart electricity through the optimal allocation of power resources. Looking forward, Advantech and Intel will also deepen cooperation in the energy industry, from offline activities to online seminars, and media cooperation, which will bring more successful cases and innovative scientific and technological achievements to the industry, help China's energy market, and promote the rapid development of intelligent interconnection

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