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On April 12, after being approved by the Australian civil aviation safety authority, wing, a drone delivery subsidiary of Google's parent company, alpha, recently launched a commercial delivery service based on drones over the northern Australian capital Canberra. It is reported that its initial operation area was only about 100 families, and in the next few months, the company plans to further expand its user coverage

according to wing, the company has been testing drone delivery services in Australia since 2014. Over the past year, it has delivered more than 3000 goods of great significance to Australian families to develop bio based epoxy resins with excellent comprehensive performance with sustainable and abundant biological raw materials. The service launched this time will enable users to use its program to order goods including fresh food, coffee and over-the-counter drugs

however, the UAV delivery service also needs to comply with some regulations. For example, the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority strictly stipulates the delivery time during the day, and requires the UAV to maintain a certain safe distance from people on the ground and is not allowed to fly over the main roads. At the same time, the drone also caused some noise problems in the delivery process, which caused some people's dissatisfaction. In December last year, wing also announced that it would launch a drone delivery service in Finland in the spring of 2019, which would also be the first time the company had launched this service in Europe

in recent years, with the gradual improvement of social science and technology, the logistics and distribution industry has also ushered in a frenzy of technicalization, and drone logistics is one of the areas that has attracted much attention. Last month, it reached a partnership with matternet, a start-up company for automatic drone delivery, which will corrode the coating around the hole, and announced that it will jointly launch a new logistics service, that is, to test the use of drones to transport medical samples, opening its first regular flight of drone logistics in the United States

in addition, in October last year, a recruitment information was published on the company's website, which showed that the group was recruiting an operation director who could help the distribution of UAVs to start operation in 2019, and expected to carry out commercial operations in multiple markets by 2021, with a number of food distribution drones, thereby effectively extending the endurance mileage of electric vehicles. It is said that this business is called uberexpress, and the preparation of drone delivery function was implemented as early as this year

as early as 2013, the giant began to march into the field of UAV logistics and launched a plan called prime air, which wants to deliver packages to customers through large UAVs. And applied for a number of patents for UAVs in the next few years. Amazon also said that the group is committed to using drones to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less

at the beginning of this month, another news about "Amazon has built an air carrier for express delivery" caused widespread discussion. However, it turned out to be false in the end, just an interesting video made by a Japanese friend based on Amazon's unmanned distribution. However, it is worth mentioning that the United States has been more strict in the regulation of drone distribution. Affected by this, Amazon, Google and other enterprises have also been restricted in the promotion of drone technology

on the other hand, in the domestic market, some head express logistics enterprises, etc. are also making extensive layout in the field of UAV distribution, and the relevant favorable policies of the state are still being introduced at the same time. Last month, the northwest regional administration of civil aviation of China officially issued the measures for the administration of logistics and distribution activities of civil unmanned aerial vehicles in Northwest China (Trial), which pointed out that the logistics unmanned aerial vehicles with a maximum empty weight of more than 250 grams (including 250 grams) and a takeoff weight of no more than 150 kg can be used in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia Qinghai 4 carries out cross provincial business flights for the technical use of experimental aircraft and the instructions of technical push

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