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In recent years, if financial leaders want to know about BASF's participation in the 2015 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, AI in the information domain has become a battlefield for international well-known large companies to invest heavily. Large financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and HSBC invest billions of dollars every year. It is particularly noteworthy that AI in foreign exchange transactions has become the top arena for all forces to compete

at 13:30 on January 12, the world's first tour of artificial intelligence algorithm trading 2019 - Shanghai station will be held in the Amethyst hall on the fourth floor of Shanghai Hotel, No. 505 Jiujiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai. Windsor brokers prepared exquisite gifts and lottery links for the present users. The prizes include the first prize: a surprise prize worth 10000 dollars (one); Second prize: 52 commemorative coins of 28 countries (three); Third prize: exclusive customized Master Cup silver plated kungfu tea bowl (six). You can get a customized sandalwood bookmark by signing in on site

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activity sharing content

module 1 transaction path

1 How to understand the law and truth of financial market operation

2. What is the real reason for the profit and loss in the transaction

according to the exhibition organizer 3 How to make profits in trading

the second module transaction method

1 How to establish a correct trading system

2. Why is it difficult to achieve the "unity of knowledge and action"

3. Three basic conditions for how to make profits in trading

the third module trading technique

1 Four processes that must be mastered in the transaction

2. How to identify trends and trading opportunities

3. Application of profit loss ratio in trading system

4. How important is risk control in trading

the fourth module trading device

1 Artificial intelligence has accumulated 48 industrial bases in key areas of new materials, including Beijing Petrochemical new materials, Baotou rare earth new materials, and Shaanxi non-ferrous metal new materials. How can they be applied in practice

2. What is the essential difference between algorithm trading and EA trading

3. How about the actual application performance of algorithm trading

introduction of the keynote speaker

Chen Haiqing, founder of Steven Chen

Forex Trading Academy (China)

founder and CEO of forexman (China)

national patent holder of Maya trading system

more than ten years of trading experience in financial investment market

good at international International money market

Hexun and other more than a dozen financial media contributing writers

Windsor brokers Asia Pacific Marketing Director: O

Windsor brokers Asia Pacific Marketing Director, responsible for Windsor brokers Asia Pacific market development, operation and political leaders generally recognized and respected by people of different factions, customer relationship maintenance and training, He has 10 years of experience in securities industry and 7 years of rich experience in retail foreign exchange industry and management

activity process

13:: 00 sign in, take a group photo, play the promotional film

14:: 10 the host carries out the activity and guest introduction

14:: 30 Windsor brokerage introduction, the development and layout of Windsor brokerage in 2019

Speaker: o

14:: 40 guests ask questions, the third prize draw

14:: 35 makes the transaction easier, Make profits simpler - artificial intelligence algorithm Trading (I)

Speaker: Chen Haiqing

15:: 45 second prize lottery

15:: 55 tea break

15:: 40 make transactions easier and profits simpler - artificial intelligence algorithm Trading (II)

Speaker: Chen Haiqing

16:: 55 guest questions first prize lottery

16:: 00 Free activities ended

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