Hottest America invests in establishing kenaf pulp

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The United States invests in establishing a kenaf pulp mill in China.

visonper international plans to invest US $125million in Yunnan to grow kenaf for papermaking

according to the agreement signed by Yuxi Municipal government and visonper last Wednesday, regardless of the impact of the measurement uncertainty of the reference standard, the plan will cost a total of 137million US dollars, plant 33000 hectares of kenaf, and build a pulp and paper production line with an annual production capacity of 500000 tons

according to company officials, most of the products will be exported to the United States, the world's largest paper consumer

kenaf is a tropical plant of Malva, which can be used to make pulp, paper and durable cardboard. As the main substitute of wood pulp, kenaf pulp is currently mainly used in the production of paper

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