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Altera joined the industrial Internet consortium to promote the IOT global ecosystem. On April 14, 2015, Beijing Altera company (nasdaq: altr) announced today that the company joined the industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), an industry collaboration organization that aims to promote the development of IOT global ecosystem. In particular, Altera works with alliance members on the technology development roadmap to develop industrial interconnection. On this intelligent device and sensor network, data is exchanged through different interconnection protocols, which enhances the performance of a variety of end market applications. IOT's commitment is that this intelligent connection network can support enterprises to develop intelligent new business applications, optimize and simplify assets and businesses, or automate existing processes

Dr. Richard soley, executive director of the industrial interconnection alliance, said: IIC has always been at the forefront of industrial IOT innovation and technology development. We are very pleased with the rapid development of China's construction industry. Altera can join IIC, give full play to its advantages in FPGA and SOC solutions, and develop a more flexible and secure IOT system

FPGA supports intelligent and flexible IOT switching and analysis acceleration functions

Altera's highly customizable FPGA (field programmable gate array) and SOC (single chip system) products enable designers to safely bridge various wired and wireless interface standards that continue to develop in a variety of IOT applications. FPGA technology also supports the acceleration of data analysis and control functions, including data center, local and edge, which is the key to meet the needs of emerging IOT applications

David Moore, director of Altera industrial business department, said: Altera technology will help IIC find innovative ways to support the implementation of accelerated intelligent cloud platforms and off platforms, and collect and process input signals from various objects at the edge of the network. These platforms can significantly benefit from Altera's hardware and software programmable functions, flexibly meet the needs of decentralized applications, and provide cost-effective analysis and security functions to accelerate the data center and IOT infrastructure

altera FPGA, SOC and power supply products have played an important role in RF wireless systems and machine to machine communication network interconnection. In addition, programmable logic is widely used in factory automation and intelligent electricity, supporting high-performance control and analysis functions, and realizing efficient, safe and confidential advanced manufacturing and power supply systems. FPGA is also used in the next generation of automotive and medical IOT systems, as well as smart city applications, such as intelligent lighting and traffic management systems with high-performance embedded vision and video analysis functions. To learn more about Altera's IOT solutions, please visit

introduction to the industrial interconnection alliance

the industrial interconnection alliance is an open member organization. At present, it has more than 150 members to accelerate its development, application, promotion and use for interconnected machines and equipment, intelligent analysis functions and working personnel. The industrial interconnection alliance was founded by at t, Cisco, general electric, IBM and Intel in March 2014 to catalyze and coordinate the priorities and implementation technologies of industrial interconnection. Please visit

altera introduction

altera's programmable solution helps plastic processing enterprises above the scope of our country with a production capacity of 61.886 million tons. Electronic system designers quickly and efficiently realize innovation, highlight product advantages, and win market competition. Altera provides complementary technologies such as FPGA, SOC, CPLD products and power solutions to provide high-value solutions for customers all over the world. Please visit for low precision

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