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The United States proposes to establish a national recycling system for used and end-of-life computers

with the increasingly serious problem of the disposal of used and end-of-life computers, American computer manufacturers, local governments and environmentalists reached a principled agreement in a recent tripartite dialogue to try to establish a recycling network for used and end-of-life computers covering the United States

according to the New York Times, 22, the agreement requires an increase of $25 to $30 in the retail price of each personal computer to fund computer recycling projects. The United States' national electronic products affairs management initiative, which is responsible for organizing this dialogue, hopes that the specific framework of the agreement can be completed by the end of September this year, and will be gradually supplemented and improved in the next few years. If the agreement is finally realized, it will become one of the few nationwide waste recycling programs in the United States

"the above points of the national electronic products affairs management initiative are the factors that affect the mechanical measurement of pressure testing machines", said Scott, the person in charge of this principled agreement, "the message to consumers is that when purchasing computers and other products, they should not only be responsible for their use, but also be responsible for the disposal after scrapping"

the disposal of waste computers has become a headache for local governments in the United States in recent years. The toxic materials in the computer and its complex design make the processing cost extremely expensive. For example, there are about 4 pounds of lead in the cathode ray tube of each computer display

"national electronic product affairs management initiative" was established in April, 2001, and is composed of 45 representatives from large-scale computer manufacturers, local governments and environmental protection organizations in the United States

electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste in the world. We specially send technicians to design the best process and scheme for you. These wastes contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium, which will cause serious pollution to the environment. In 1998, there were more than 20 million discarded personal computers in the United States, and the resulting electronic waste reached 5million tons to 7million tons. According to the estimates of some environmental protection organizations, the number of discarded personal computers from Brazil to China with a sea freight of US $25955/ton will soon reach more than 300million to 600million, but there is no solution to recycle discarded personal computers. In February this year, it was reported that the United States exported 50-80% of high-tech waste to developing countries

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