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HaoChen ICAD structure software ijg2007i: launch a new powerful and complete

HaoChen ICAD structure software ij to jointly develop new energy all aluminum electric vehicles and passenger cars g2007i: launch a new powerful and complete

auxiliary design software. The ultimate pursuit is the perfect combination of platform software and application software. Platform is the foundation, application is the first, and none is missing. In the final analysis, CAD software provides users with solutions rather than simple tools themselves. HaoChen software is committed to providing users with comprehensive solutions and building powerful platform software and cutting-edge application software. The leading CAD platform software in China and the nine series software of the two platforms jointly shape the image of HaoChen, the largest CAD technology provider in China

in 2007, HaoChen icad2007i was grandly launched. Its powerful functions and performance were widely recognized by users and passed the comprehensive certification of authoritative third-party evaluation institutions. Its comprehensive level is leading in China, and some of it surpasses foreign mainstream CAD software! In response, HaoChen's full range of application software has been upgraded, and new versions of nine application software on two platforms have been launched to meet users. Compared with the previous generation of software, its function and performance have been greatly improved. After being tried by senior technicians in the industry, it has reached the leading level in the industry! The author is very pleased with the great achievements made by HaoChen in technical research and development and improving the domestic CAD technology level in a down-to-earth manner, and takes this opportunity to comprehensively introduce HaoChen's newly upgraded application software with a series of articles "2007cad technology breakthrough application software industry, specializing in the construction started in July 2013"

this issue introduces the new HaoChen ICAD structure software ijg2007i launched by HaoChen

HaoChen ICAD structural software ijg2007i is a professional design software of structural engineering based on HaoChen ICAD platform. It is based on the current national structural design specifications and has independent intellectual property rights. The software interface operation maintains the traditional habit and has complete functions. It has accurate and intelligent drawing function, powerful library resources and comprehensive drawing auxiliary tools to help designers complete accurately and efficiently. It should often check the fastening of the following parts: design and drawing work. The launch of HaoChen structural software marks that the overall solution of "platform + application" provided by HaoChen software has fully covered the entire construction industry

★ convenient parametric drawing

HaoChen ICAD structure software ijg2007i provides parametric drawing function. Through human-computer interaction, it is very convenient to draw node details. Its operation is simple, user-friendly, and does not need to spend a lot of energy on learning. Compared with using CAD platform to draw a line by line, or modify the original graphics, the efficiency has undoubtedly been greatly improved

★ the construction drawing drawing tool is efficient and practical.

HaoChen ICAD structure software ijg2007i can quickly generate complex straight lines and arc axes, and can arrange beams, columns, walls and foundations in batches, and automatically process the intersection of beams, columns, walls and foundations, which fully meets the needs of structural plane template drawing. It can automatically arrange the positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, additional stirrup and additional hanging reinforcement of the floor, mark the reinforcement value and size, and quickly draw the floor reinforcement drawing

★ complete auxiliary tools for structural drawing

including structural professional drawing tools such as reinforcement, size, text, tables, symbols, steel structure, etc., which can draw floor reinforcement drawings, and mark, modify, and modify the text, size, elevation, and label of the construction drawings. Using these tools can greatly simplify the operation process and improve work efficiency

★ powerful library resources

windows Explorer style library, you can browse directly without graphic files entering the library. HaoChen ICAD structure software ijg2007i not only provides system image library and user image library, but also can directly browse DWG files on local hard disk or in neighbors, and can directly insert the displayed graphic files into the drawing in the form of blocks

the launch of HaoChen structural software ijg2007i is another major milestone in HaoChen's product research and development. As the only enterprise in the domestic CAD industry that has reached such a technical level to transfer costs to the downstream, HaoChen's name as a comprehensive solution provider of CAD software is well deserved! (end)

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