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Ice cream has no QS prohibition. The cold drink war in Hangzhou was launched in advance.

7 about Honeywell's "new ten categories" of food that failed to pass the certification after January 1. The cold drink war in major supermarkets in Hangzhou was launched in advance just after the May Day holiday. Insiders said that this was related to the QS (food access system quality and safety mark) deadline for cold drinks. According to the Hangzhou quality supervision department, after July 1, frozen drinks without QS certification will not be sold on the market

fresh keeping bags will be sent when the price is over 18 yuan, and the current price of ice cream gift box with the original price of more than 5 yuan is 3.7 yuan... Yesterday afternoon, I saw in Tesco supermarket on Jianguo Road that cold drink products have become the main commodity in the fresh area, and ice cream alone occupied a row of counters

however, not all ice creams are labeled with QS. It was found that the obvious blue and white "QS" logo could be found on the outer packaging of frozen drinks of Yili, Wufeng, Youkang and other brands, while the same label could not be seen on the packaging of ice cream such as snow, which still showed the development trend of a high-tech enterprise taking off against the market in Haagen Dazs and Helu company. "Now you need QS for everything you buy and eat, but these big brand ice cream won't have a problem in view of the high technical threshold of model 811." The salesperson nearby told me that after July 1, ice cream must have "QS", so some manufacturers are promoting products that have not passed the quality and safety certification by means of "buy one get one free"

interviewed several consumers who planned to buy ice cream in Century Lianhua store 1, and found that most consumers like to buy food marked with "QS", but few people know that frozen drinks must also pass the "QS" certification before they can be sold

it is reported that according to the relevant national regulations, some minor fixture food production enterprises selected by the "new ten categories" must pass the QS certification before July 1, 2005. The "new ten categories" of food refer to meat products, dairy products, beverages, condiments, instant noodles, biscuits, cans, frozen drinks, quick-frozen rice noodles and puffed food

"since the beginning of this year, the market access system has been enforced for 'new ten' foods. The period before July 1 is a buffer period for manufacturers by the state, and they can still be sold without 'QS'. But in more than a month, we will start to investigate and deal with the products in' new ten 'foods that have not passed the' QS' certification." People from Hangzhou Quality Supervision Bureau reminded that for food safety, consumers had better choose ice cream with "QS" logo

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