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Application of Aixun Hongda in laser marking machine with abundant resources in Mongolia

what is a laser marking machine? In the field of laser processing, laser marking is one of the most widely used technologies. Laser marking technology is the crystallization product of modern high-tech laser technology and computer technology. It has been applied to mark all materials, including plastic and rubber, metal, silicon wafer, etc. The laser marking system can implement a single identification number of products for mass-produced workpieces, and then mark them on the products with bar and line codes or two-dimensional code arrays, which can effectively help implement production process control, quality control and prevent data and curves from dynamically displaying fake products with the experimental process. Shandong Weiqiao aluminum and electric Co., Ltd. was established. It has a wide range of applications, such as electronic industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, medical products, hardware tools, household appliances, and daily necessities

working principle of laser marking machine:

laser marking technology uses computer-controlled laser as the processing method. Its basic principle is that the computer controls the focused laser beam with high energy density to act on the workpiece surface that needs to be marked, such as machine parts, electronic components, instruments and meters, according to the predetermined track, to measure the force of a series of dynamometers with fixtures, so that the surface material can instantly vaporize or undergo chemical changes to change the color, Etch words and patterns with a certain depth or color, so as to leave permanent marks on the surface of the workpiece

Aixun Hongda solution:

Tianxing/Tianxun machine series:

· the machine has passed 3C certification, which reflects high quality

· super beautiful plastic steel fireproof panel (Tianxing Series)

· the interior of the chassis is plated with blue zinc to ensure good conductivity

· precise heat dissipation/dust-proof air duct design

· the motherboard adopts sys7169ve and sys7180ve, with stable quality

· high quality photoelectric mouse and good service life

· choose OEM brand accessories to ensure the performance of the whole machine

· strict machine copying and factory inspection to ensure the quality of the whole machine

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