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Freezing point carton packaging

maytlelddavryfarms, a freezing point production company in Tennessee, USA, decided to use packaging materials with high content protection performance in order to sell its products to Miami and other cities, that is, rock term company, which can store the produced "millenium boardpaper" in the form of files, such as experimental reports, experimental parameters, system parameters, etc. This material is recycled paper, which replaces the traditionally used gray code (gray ℃) solid non bleaching (CCS experimental machine, if there are unclear places, the color of the paint is not beautiful and generous s) paper. According to b.ock-t2012 ENN company, the drop impact test strength of this recycled paper material is better than that of n-flute paper, CCUs paper, SBS paper, etc. It is said that it also has quite good strength than 18 pound CCUs paper. The important reason why Mayfield chose this recycled paper material is that it has great advantages in production cost

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