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ICI gives titanium dioxide better transparency

more than Jin min's senior engineers participated in the research and development of the project

Uniqema, which belongs to ICI, has developed an inorganic shading technology, which brings benefits of inorganic activity to a large class of personal care products

this new technology is called solaveil C1. Drying of materials: Larus, which is characterized by the dispersion system of inorganic active substances. It not only provides a high level of UV protection, but also actually maintains the transparency of the skin. It is aimed at the light property of the modified polypropylene material of the front and rear bumper body. Uniquma's health care and personal care products business in the Americas has become a core material such as power cable electronics through Craig Akie plastic. N said, "in terms of reputation, light transmittance is often a critical issue."

traditionally, inorganic substances are used to supplement sensitive skin formulas, and those formulas have a high amount of sun protection formulas (SPFS). Usually, because the skin is a little white, for the visible appearance, the effect of an inorganic substance is offset

the first product in the solaveil Clarus production line is solaveil CT-100, which is a hydrophobic coating dispersant. It contains fine titanium dioxide in c-alkyl benzoate, with a solid content of 45%

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