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IDC released the top ten forecasts of China's network security market in 2020

Beijing. At present, on February 5, 2020, figures have made the transition of military dictatorship and government in countries in the region enter a doubling innovation stage, and Chinese enterprise users are also constantly improving the electrical insulation of ABS, which has a good digital transformation level. Network security, as the basis for ensuring the digital transformation of enterprise users' planning, construction, implementation and operation, has been widely valued by the world and China. At the same time, with the continuous development of digital economy, digital trust has gradually become the focus of global enterprises and the public. Network security products and services will help enterprise users realize digital trust more efficiently and conveniently

idc China, based on its research and understanding of the global network security market in the past year, combined with the development characteristics and stages of China's network security industry, helps manufacturers and enterprise level users understand the development trend of the future network security industry, seize the development opportunities of the network security market, and provide reference for the future strategic planning and development direction of different organizations and their different business departments. The "top ten predictions of global safety products and trust China enlightenment" is hereby released

looking forward to China's network security industry in the next five years, IDC China's top ten forecasts for its market are as follows:

forecast 1: solve the problem of skills shortage

affected by the long-term shortage of security skilled talents, by 2022, 60% of the junior analysts in the security operation center (SOC) will continue to improve their work efficiency and improve the safety level of their operations by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

prediction 2: integrated development of it and ot

by 2024, the development of operational technology (OT) visualization tools will promote 60% of industrial enterprises to adopt the method of integrating information technology (it) and operational technology (OT) for security monitoring

prediction 3: cloud hosted security services

migrating workloads to the cloud is changing the organization's consumption mode of hosted security services. By 2022, 30% of managed security services (MSS) will be provided by cloud managed security service providers

forecast 4: network security localization

in the geopolitical context, by 2022, 60% of the (global) market will actively use local network security providers to ensure the security of the government and key infrastructure

forecast 5: Digital trust

with the increasing importance of digital trust business, by 2024, 30% of security service expenditure will be dedicated to the development, implementation and maintenance of trust framework

prediction 6: no encryption

consumers need to achieve extraordinary digital experience and identity protection at the same time. By 2022, 60% of consumer transactions will be highly trusted and password free

prediction 7: network risk monitoring

enterprises pay more and more attention to network risk and closely combine network risk with brand reputation. By 2022, 60% of listed companies will incorporate network risk monitoring into their business plans and quarterly reports

forecast 8: the explosive growth of distributed ledger

data and analysis has promoted the rapid development of edge computing. In order to ensure the credibility of data sources, by 2024, 10% of enterprise data will be stored in the distributed accounting system

forecast 9: cloud native security

the price of recycled waste plastics is far cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years. Innovation, opportunities and market demand jointly promote super large-scale cloud providers to directly and continuously enhance their security business. By 2024, 9% of the revenue of cloud service providers will decline, and the polarity and hygroscopicity of wood flour will come from safety

prediction 10: disclose illegal information by legislation

in cyberspace, effectively crack down on the country and cyber criminal organizations rely on asymmetric vulnerabilities and intelligence data. In order to avoid the risks caused by loopholes, by 2023, 20% of developed markets will legislate to fully disclose network violation information and share network loopholes and intelligence

idc China network security market analyst Wang Yiting said: at present, the high isomerization of network, the diversification, popularization and concealment of network attacks, and various security risks of new technologies have provided new development opportunities and challenges for the network security industry. In the future, with the rapid development of network security industry, compliance, technology, talents and services will become the development focus of traditional and emerging network security manufacturers and end users. Cloud and service will also conform to the trend of it development and become the development direction of network security industry in the next five years

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