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IC chip and metallographic microscope

IC chip (integrated circuit integrated circuit) is an integrated circuit formed by putting a large number of microelectronic components (transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.) on a plastic base to make a chip. Whether finished products or semi-finished products, metallographic microscope must be used for analysis and observation to ensure the high quality of products

ic full write is integratedcircuit. In the past, computers were assembled with tens of thousands of electronic tubes and transistors. In fact, if only one solder joint of so many devices is broken, the whole machine will not work. In many cases, it is not only necessary to use metallographic microscope for analysis and observation, but also necessary to install AOI and other auxiliary means. As a result, people made integrated circuits with microelectronic technology that day. Integrated circuits are divided into small-scale, medium-sized, large-scale and super large-scale integrated circuits, which contain dozens to tens of millions of electronic tubes, transistors and other devices in an area of several square centimeters. Therefore, don't underestimate this small integrated block. Since there are tens of millions of components and countless lines in such a small area, it is naturally not easy to manufacture. Look at the related articles, which will introduce how sand turns into VLSI CPU. Ordinary sand has become a valuable CPU after the production line comes out. You can't imagine the process in the middle. Only a metallographic microscope can do such a fine job

as for chips, they refer to processors made of integrated circuits. For example, the CPU of the central processing unit is a very large-scale integrated circuit. If its circuit diagram is not drawn on paper in square meters, it can't be seen clearly at all. The map of a big city with millions of people, together with those small and small sheep's intestines in the suburbs, is drawn even where people in the fields walk, and then connected with the roads in the urban area, and then reduced to the size of CPU, which is equivalent to the circuit diagram of CPU. Roads are circuits, so it is so complex. Therefore, if you want to produce high-quality IC chips, the launch of ncamp and other reports is difficult to achieve if you do not use high-power metallographic microscope to magnify and observe

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