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The experimental formula of ceramic beads is shown in Table 1 (mass fraction). The application of sandblasting Ag glass process

ag process is not a new process. In other industries, this process has been used more mature for a long time, but in the past two years, it really began to rise

not long ago, at the new product launch of the iphone11 series new machine, the back cover has adopted the new generation of ceramic bead sandblasting Ag glass process, which is delicate and moist in the hand feel, feels fine, soft and comfortable when touching, and has the advantage that the glass material is not easy to be stained with fingerprints. With the advent of 5g era, people have higher and higher requirements for visual experience and aesthetic feeling. The development of ceramic bead sandblasting Ag glass technology has promoted the development of the back cover from traditional metal, plastic and other materials to Ag glass. AG glass (anti glareglass), namely anti glare glass, refers to the special treatment of the glass surface by means of corrosion, coating, sandblasting or polishing, so as to change the roughness of the glass surface, so as to produce a matte effect on the surface and achieve the role of diffuse reflection

the Ag implementation method of early glass cover plates was mainly chemical etching, such as Huawei mate20, oppor17pro, one plus six, etc However, the cost of chemical etching is high, and relatively speaking, it has a great impact on the environment. It is understood that the glass shell of the new model released by apple on September 11 adopts a new generation process - ceramic bead sandblasting (not Ag etching mentioned earlier), which is developed in cooperation with the processing manufacturer. The iphone11pro series glass back cover is also replaced by a customized matte texture from the bright side

sand blasting is a process that takes sand water mixture as the medium and sprays it on the glass surface through the pressure generated by the sand blasting machine, so as to polish it. As early as 2018, an Apple patent named surfacefinishing was exposed, which showed that Apple was developing a new iPhone body treatment process

the patent describes this process in detail, that is, because the test data is collected by computer, the texture grooves are formed on the body by sandblasting. However, apple uses ceramic beads instead of conventional sandblasting technology, in which some ABS and EVA are mixed, which can improve its toughness

sandblasting processing through the impact of sand particles sprayed by the sandblasting machine on the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece can obtain a certain degree of smoothness and different roughness and granularity, and at the same time, the mechanical properties of the surface of the workpiece can be improved, so the fatigue resistance is improved, the adhesion with the coating is increased, the durability of the coating film is prolonged, it is also conducive to the leveling and decoration of the coating, and the impurities, mottled colors and oxide layers on the surface are removed, At the same time, it can coarsen the surface of the medium, make the residual stress on the surface of the substrate and improve the surface hardness of the substrate. At present, many domestic enterprises have mature processes and equipment, which have been used in many well-known brands

The advantages of sand blasting are:

simplified process flow, high production efficiency and more environmental protection

sandblasting is used in a wider range, and it can also be used on ceramic covers.

it is understood that Apple's new generation of applewatch also uses sandblasting. With the release of apple iphone11pro fog faced Ag glass, the new generation of Ag glass sandblasting may become the mainstream process of 5g shell surface treatment in the future

with the progress of the process, Ag etching has become the mainstream process of glass surface treatment, which can not only reduce the influence of reflection, anti glare, anti blue light, but also be applied to the texture design of glass surface

when it comes to frosted glass made by Ag process, everyone should be familiar with it. At present, apple, Huawei, oppo, Yijia and other flagship machines of high-end brands are all using it. In the recently released iphone11pro series, apple made the glass on the back of the fuselage into a frosted texture through Ag process, which brings a better hand experience

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