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ICBC pays the bill: Wuxi yicaigang paint company economic dispute

ICBC pays the bill: Wuxi yicaigang paint company economic dispute

April 15, 2010

[China paint information] today, it was learned from the Jiangyin people's court that the court recently concluded a purchase and sale contract payment dispute. Linyi Branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, one of the defendants, now our machines have been exported to the United States, Canada The displacement sensor company of the experimental machine in the Middle East and other countries provided a false capital increase certificate, which was judged by the court to be liable for repayment within the amount of nearly 30million yuan

it is understood that a chemical company in Wuxi signed a purchase and sales contract with a color steel company in Linyi at the end of 2006. Later, the chemical company provided chemical coatings to the color steel company according to the contract. After reconciliation and confirmation by both parties, the color steel company owed the chemical company more than 1.5 million yuan. The chemical company filed a lawsuit to Jiangyin people's court in the case of repeated unsuccessful demands

it is verified that the deposits of Caigang company with a registered capital of more than 36 million yuan in the bank do not match the name. The judge handling the case told that the original registered capital of the color steel company was 3million yuan. Six months after the establishment of the company, the company was decided by the shareholders' meeting to increase to more than 36million yuan, of which 4 The instrument adopts brushless motor and is equipped with overload protection. Wang, the major shareholder, increased the capital by more than 30 million yuan. At that time, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, where the company is located, issued a bank confirmation letter confirming that the new amount of Mr. Wang had arrived. But in fact, the bank's deposits did not have the new funds

after hearing, Jiangyin court held that the bank inquiry letter issued by the bank was a false capital certificate and should bear civil liabilities, so it ruled that the color steel company should pay and bear liquidated damages for the more than 1.5 million yuan of loan owed by the color steel company, and the insufficient part should be paid jointly and severally by the shareholder Wang and others. If it is still unable to be paid off, the research of the bank PEUU and PCU showed that it should be paid off within the amount of the false capital certificate

according to the analysis of the case handling judge, in recent years, there have been more and more cases involving banks, and the object of litigation has become larger and larger. "The majority of financial institutions need to be cautious when providing capital verification reports or capital certificates for enterprises. If the property of the relevant parties is insufficient to pay off the debts, and the financial institutions provide false guarantees, then the financial institutions need to bear general tort civil liabilities when the enterprises are in debt." The judge reminded

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