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The innovation of integrated circuits has narrowed the capacity gap by leaps and bounds.

"in the field of integrated circuits, at present, China's market is the world's first and the growth rate is the world's first, but the capacity gap is also the world's first." At the 2016 China Semiconductor Market Annual Conference and the Fifth China integrated circuit property Innovation Conference held on March 23, huaijinpeng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that as the fundamental and leading industry of China's information property, integrated circuit property is at a critical juncture of in-depth adjustment

according to the introduction, in 2015, the sales expenditure of China's integrated circuit industry reached 360.9 billion yuan, 2.5 times that of 2010. The shipments of smart chips accounted for more than 20% of the global market share. The proportion of advanced packaging scope accounted for nearly 30% of the packaging scope. The capitalization of critical equipment and materials was further promoted. However, some data show that, in line with the "excess capacity" of some international properties, the supply capacity of China's integrated circuit properties can only meet one tenth of the demand of the international market, and become China's largest two types of export commodities together with crude oil

Huai Jinpeng pointed out that with the advent of the "post Moore period" in the technology category, emerging properties such as "the best bike to ride" smart cars and new forms of computing composed of big data and cloud computing have emerged. The growth of China's integrated circuit property is facing new achievements and challenges, and the short layout of property and the contradiction between supply and demand are also more prominent

in this regard, Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that because the report on improving the strength of core basic industries in the great country of collection space points out that the game of the benefits of 30 (4) 0% weight increase of electric vehicles in China often leads to the closure and confidentiality of some information core technologies. It is more difficult for the information category to complete the "introduction, digestion, reception and innovation" through the process of introduction and imitation than the ordinary category, so the growth of integrated circuit property should take the road of independent innovation, As soon as possible to make up for the IC manufacturing industry and other controlled "short board"

ye Tianchun, director of the Institute of microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also believes that in the future, all kinds of signs on the city 10 experimental machine, which continues to drive the growth of integrated circuit property, should be clear that the durability field has entered the "Red Sea", and China's integrated circuit property should change from "following the plot" to "innovation and Transcendence", and it is urgent to cultivate original innovation. We should aim at the market trend, carry out overall, piecemeal and integrated innovation, and spur the innovation of the property chain, so as to form its own characteristics in the global property innovation chain

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