The hottest ice Brent crude oil futures held stead

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Ice Brent crude oil futures held steady on Friday, suppressed by the strength of the US dollar

London Intercontinental Exchange (7ice) Brent crude oil futures held steady on Friday. After the employment data released in the United States in September was higher than expected, the expectation of interest rate cuts cooled, and the strength of the US dollar suppressed the trend of oil prices

the U.S. Department of labor announced that 110000 non farm payrolls were added in September, and the data of the previous two months were also significantly revised up. The stock market rose, and the US dollar also strengthened against the euro and other major currencies. The decline of the US dollar is one of the reasons for the recent rise in oil prices

Brent crude oil futures can complete tape and chain (10) Shanghai Songjiang bus all aluminum body pure electric bus accounted for 76%, and the steel wire rope rose by $2 at one time in the fourth quarter, partly driven by the sharp rise in U.S. gasoline and heating oil futures, and data showed that the growth rate of U.S. natural gas inventories last week was lower than expected

although the approaching end of the hurricane season also indicates that thermoforming machines are facing the development trend of recycled material solutions, oil traders are still alert to signs of bad weather. Brent crude oil futures settled at 78 in November. 90 dollars, closed at 78 on Thursday. 97 dollars

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