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Ice cream packaging and its problems in China

ice cream is a kind of leisure dessert. In recent years, the consumption of ice cream in China has become increasingly hot, and its consumer group has gradually expanded from teenagers to the whole family. The competition in the ice cream market is also increasingly manifested as a comprehensive competition. As the coat of ice cream, packaging is not only the "flower protector" of ice cream from production to final consumption, but also a magic weapon to reflect the quality and style of the brand and enhance competitiveness

types of packaging and materials

the types of ice cream packaging in the market can be roughly divided into cup, barrel, batch, box, barrel and so on. Among them, cup, barrel and batch are the most common ways to retail small packaged ice cream in the market. Carton and barrel ice cream are generally medium and large capacity packaging for families and large ice product monopoly places

most of the materials used for cup packaging are plastic containers made of polyethylene, which have various shapes such as round, square, conical, etc. this kind of plastic container has a cover that is easy to open and cover, and the color printing is used to prevent light and radiant heat from damaging ice cream. Some containers are made of polystyrene foam with a layer of polyethylene film inside. Foamed plastic is a semi-rigid foam material with many closed foam granular structures on the surface. This white opaque packaging material can be dyed into various colors. This kind of container is very light, low cost, good heat preservation and shock resistance, and plays a good role in maintaining the quality and shape of ice cream

cans and batches of ice cream are usually simply packaged with polyethylene bags or soft paper plastic composites, and the price is low. At present, a new "TPR" green packaging material has been developed in the market, and its prospect is very promising. "TP host is a rigid floor type frame structure composed of upper crossbeam, moving crossbeam and worktable through columns and ball screws. R" material is made of calcium carbonate bonded with polypropylene through special process. Its structure is very similar to that of egg shell, containing 95% calcium carbonate, and the rest is polypropylene. This kind of material can be processed by thermal molding, blow molding, injection molding, extrusion molding and other methods. The surface is smooth and smooth, and can be directly printed and marked with various colors. Ice cream packaging products made of this material have appeared in the markets of Switzerland, Finland, the United States and Russia

affordable home packaging has become a trend

in addition to the small package ice cream retail market for children and adolescents, families have gradually become the main consumer market of ice cream and the main driving force for the development of the ice cream market. In recent years, due to the popularity of household refrigeration equipment for urban residents and the preferential price of bulk purchases, ice cream packaging has a trend towards large-scale and combined packaging. Consumers can reduce purchase time, reduce consumption expenditure and facilitate family consumption. For example, 500g and 1000g packaging products and various combinations of different flavors have been welcomed by the majority of consumers

family ice cream is mostly packaged in cartons, plastic boxes and aluminum foil boxes. Ice cream packaged in cartons has been used for a long time and can still be seen in the market today. The carton is coated with wax or a mixture of polyethylene and wax to increase strength and moisture resistance. Wood chips are often attached to the outside of the carton for eating, which is usually round. The empty carton after eating will not pollute the environment. This kind of packaging is convenient and economical, but it is not strong enough and easy to deform. Aluminum foil can reflect light and slow down radiant heat. The smooth surface of aluminum foil can form a beautiful and attractive appearance with printing. Aluminum foil boxes are used more in foreign markets, but less in Chinese markets. In addition, barreled ice cream is mainly used in ice products, cold drink stores and other large-scale monopoly places, and its packaging is mostly polyethylene plastic barrels for large-capacity simple packaging

problems to be solved

at present, there are countless ice cream brands in the Chinese market, and the packaging design, materials, printing and color of each brand are uneven. In medium and high-end markets such as commercial developed medium and large cities, the packaging and quality of ice cream brands are relatively good, but in remote areas or urban industrial areas, the brands of ice cream are very messy, so many ice cream brands that should choose single stick piston cylinder are unknown, and the product packaging and quality are relatively poor. At present, some small enterprises are seriously lax in the selection of packaging materials and the management of packaging process, which often leads to product microorganisms exceeding the standard, and even the lead content of products exceeding the standard due to the pollution of packaging materials, which directly affects the healthy operation of the ice cream market and the interests of consumers

as for ice cream packaging materials, the material requirements are very strict. Packaging materials with poor materials are easy to deform or damage during transportation, which may cause secondary pollution of ice cream by microorganisms and directly affect the quality of products and terminal sales. In addition, there are many problems with labels in the packaging of ice cream products, mainly due to the fact that the production date is not marked on a single packaged product, the month on month reduction of 0.94 PCT shelf life, etc., and the marking of the ingredient list is incorrect, such as the name of the additives used, product attributes, etc

at present, the ice cream market still lacks some dynamics, because the shape and packaging of ice cream still cannot escape the stereotype of rigidity. Even if there is a stunning, fresh and environmentally friendly feeling on the packaging, it seems that there is a little less original brand personality. Most manufacturers' product packaging is the same, and they lack their own unique style; Dull appearance and monotonous color are also urgent problems to be solved in the current ice cream industry

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