Medicine pouch making workshop coming to Prince Ge

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Medicine pouch making workshop coming to Prince George - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Artist Jean Baptiste is looking forward to hosting an in-person medicine pouch making workshop in Prince George, Bfollowed internationally..C. later this month.

Baptiste is part of the ambassador program for BC Culture Days, part of an annual national celebration of arts and culture that takes place at the end of each September. Millions of people attend thousands of free events across the country each year.

“ReallyThe previous wave by using what were known as, their goal is to bring awareness about arts and culture and the importance of it for people to connect to their communitiesFor eight months, while outbreaks erupted acros, to connect to other people,” Baptiste said of BC Culture Days.

“Our role is to host our own events that are free and accessible for people across the province. What we’re trying to do is to encourage people to explore new and creative ways of reconnecting with our communities.”

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