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[home decoration network] generally speaking, three days after signing the decoration contract and paying the payment, the construction team of the decoration company will enter the site and start the construction. At this time, as consumers, they should check what work they have not done. In addition, the acceptance of decoration works is a very professional problem. As consumers, they can not only find problems in time, but also implement the acceptance. Professionals believe that effective acceptance should be carried out at all stages of decoration

since the first process after the construction team enters the site is the bricklayer, who is responsible for the demolition and reconstruction works, water and electricity works, waterproof works and tile laying, etc., the size, power, specific placement and other data and requirements of some related household appliances such as water heater, sauna room, Jacuzzi, shower room, washing machine, etc. should be provided clearly, In addition, it is particularly important to put forward the design scheme of the overall cabinet, including the size of gas stoves and range hoods, which should be provided to the decoration company before this, so that in the water and electricity transformation, it will be implemented according to the scheme of the overall cabinet, so as to avoid the passivity caused by selecting the overall cabinet after the water and electricity transformation

before starting work, consumers must confirm whether the drawings have been confirmed and signed. The drawings should include design plan, special shape drawing, door drawing, ceiling drawing, furniture drawing, etc. The more detailed the drawings are, the basis for solving problems during construction is also available, which is a guarantee for consumers. In addition, you should go to the property of your community to handle the relevant procedures such as construction permit. If you want to entrust the decoration company to do the wall modification and other projects or entrust others to exercise various rights on your behalf, you should sign the letter of authorization

when workers enter the site, ask the foreman in charge of decoration to show you a list of main materials to be purchased and the time to transport to the site. Avoid unnecessary hidden dangers caused by rushing to buy or buying too hastily. We should also know the specific arrangement of the construction period, such as the transformation of waterways and circuits, the sealing of woodwork and the paving of ceramic tiles, as well as the arrival time of quality inspection and supervision, so that we can go to the site with them for project quality inspection, and if we find problems, we can solve them in time

before the start of the project, it is necessary to determine whether the demolition and reconstruction project complies with the provisions of the contract, whether there are potential safety hazards, and whether the wall treatment is clean. The acceptance stage should also be carried out step by step according to the project progress. The first is the acceptance of materials, whether the quantity, grade and specification of mobilized materials are consistent with the pre agreed on the bill of materials. If problems are found, they can be improved in time, especially the acceptance of materials should be more careful, Prevent fake and inferior materials from entering the site

next is the acceptance of water circuit. The acceptance at this stage should be a separate acceptance of waterway and circuit reconstruction. Consumers should check whether all the reconstructed lines are smooth, whether the layout is reasonable, whether the operation is standardized, and reconfirm the actual size of the line reconstruction under the operation of professional hydraulic workers or electricians. Only after the line is changed, the Mason can continue to seal the wall and apply putty

then comes the acceptance in the middle of construction. This part of acceptance should be completed after the carpentry foundation is completed. At this time, the ceiling and gypsum line in the room should also be completed. The wall tiles in the kitchen and bathroom have also been pasted. At the same time, the walls that need to be painted should be scraped with mud twice. The acceptance work at this stage is very important. Consumers should carefully check the drawings and confirm the dimensions of each part. If any discrepancy is found, they should prompt the construction team to modify it in time. Industry experts pointed out that when the veneers of all fine wood products are pasted and the wood thread is glued, consumers can carry out the acceptance of the next stage. This time is basically in the middle of the construction period. The inspection at this stage should focus on the color difference and texture of wood products, as well as the flatness and evenness of large areas of gaps. After the woodwork is completed, the oiler can start the primer treatment. At the same time, all floor tiles should be pasted within this stage, and consumers can conduct acceptance according to the process

the final stage is the acceptance after completion. The acceptance content in this stage is the most comprehensive and thorough. Consumers should check the installation of tread boards, sanitary wares and hardware, whether the finish paint of wood products is in place, whether the paint on the wall and top surface is uniform, whether the panel and lamps installed by electricians are in the right position, whether the line connection is correct, etc. we will introduce it in more detail in the next issue. In addition, consumers should require the construction team to thoroughly clean the room before leaving the site Home decoration network





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