Change accessory color and change style at low cos

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Simply change the color of accessories, even without moving the sofa and repainting the wall, the room will be greatly improved. I have to admit that this is a smart way to change the style with low cost and zero consumption

cool summer

what color is more suitable for summer use than blue? Add more blue! Different shades of turquoise, dark blue, sapphire, aquamarine, combined with bold geometric patterns, this living room presents a refreshing and neat atmosphere. It is decorated by the straight stripes and square patterns on the bag, the oversized checkers carpet, the rich colored stripes on the lampshade, and the strange plastic rings on the curtains. The deep and light colors are freely combined to maintain the balance of the chicken tail equation of color. We can safely let pop art perform magic here, such as this group of dog "oil paintings" made by computer based on snapshots. There is no need to match the hues exactly. In fact, such a result will be very creative


seat covers are most suitable for those who like to change their design style at any time. White or light blue plaid cloth, you can prepare several more sets for standby. The subtle spiral patterns on the white vase suggest the existence of modern style. The circular curtain hanging in front of the gauze curtain borrows the hippie style of the 1960s and shows the playful psychology of the adult world

pastoral world

the green of green apples is the key to transforming the style of this blue living room into a rural style. First of all, replace the cushion on the sofa with a pure small cushion in light green and a large cushion with white and green patterns. The second is to repaint the coffee table and unify the colors. Due to its pastoral style, the focus is on choosing natural materials, such as pure cotton lampshades, sisal carpets, curly willow branches inserted in large green flowerpots, and fresh cut flowers in vases. To maintain the lightness and transparency of the room, please use white to neutralize green, such as the white side table, the white iron tray for storing small items on the coffee table, etc. The cloth art with flowers is also a good choice to interpret the pastoral style


apple green is refreshing and suitable for making room colors. Planting some sprouts in a wooden box on the coffee table makes you feel close to nature. Tie a decorative belt on the White Roman curtain that is consistent with the pattern of the bag to form a echo. The flowerpots on both sides of the sofa are made of electroplated metal, painted green and placed there

urban Capriccio

blue has always been the staple of this living room until a heavy touch of chocolate brown intervened, and the style has changed into a vibrant urban style. The full and elegant Brown is easy to introduce: the white and brown bags are stacked on the white sofa, the straw curtain also adds texture to the room, the coffee table is painted into a strong coffee color, and the use of colorants to change the tone of furniture is a wonderful way to introduce brown into the room and still retain the primary color of the wooden head. More subtle changes are the key to bringing the urban style quietly into the room. Note that the blue lines on the brown carpet imitate the shape of the lamp cover and Gerbera, and these curly lines form a big contrast with the wall paintings and the straight and strong lines of the square side table


Brown is a deep tone, so in order to balance it, it is best to match this transparent side table to increase the fun of modern flavor without increasing the burden of color. The color matching of the bag should be rich and interesting. It is best to have color correlation in each bag room. Decorative paintings are not necessarily as expensive as possible. The decorative paintings in this living room are ordinary canvas painted with a slightly lighter color than the wall, and then painted with brown lines, which are simple and abstract




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