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Through intelligent technology, Li'an intelligent lock not only solves the disadvantages of previous locks, but also has obvious advantages of intelligent security, convenient use and fashionable appearance

in the context of the Internet era, people's property security measures are getting better and better: mobile phones have fingerprint locks, computers have password locks, cars have induction locks, and the houses that shelter us from the wind and rain still use only an old mechanical key and lock. Do you really think your home is safe

if "e; One key with one lock " The measures are really safe enough, so why can you often see them on the Internet " The thief pried open the security door of a community with a chicken feather& quot; The neighbor pried the little couple's room next door with the plastic chip of the plastic water bottle and placed a pinhole camera " What about news like that? In the face of this situation, Li'an keyless lock not only solves the disadvantages of previous locks through intelligent technology, but also has obvious advantages of intelligent safety, convenient use and fashionable appearance

compared with the traditional mechanical lock, the obvious advantage of Li'an keyless intelligent lock is that its security is much higher than the mechanical lock (traditional A-level lock, B-level lock). Because the biggest feature of Li'an keyless smart lock is that there is no key hole, which truly eliminates the technical door opening, and requires password or biometrics to open the door. Fingerprint is taken from living organisms, which can eliminate all cloned fingerprints. At the same time, it adopts the design form of independent virtual password input, which can truly prevent peeping. Biometrics is unique, so it naturally does not need to worry about being copied by people like mechanical locks

another advantage of Li'an keyless smart lock is its intelligence. For example, when the lock body senses that the outside world is trying to open it with technology and violence, it will immediately send an alarm, and the householder can view the opening record through the mobile app. In addition, because Li'an keyless smart lock has no key hole, it doesn't need a key. The owner doesn't need to take the key when he goes out, and he doesn't need to worry about losing the key or forgetting to pull it out when stuck on the door

Li'an keyless smart lock has strength and beauty. The shape of the smart lock is more in line with the aesthetics of young people at present. As the first port of smart home, Li'an keyless smart lock will strive to improve the user's experience of smart lock





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