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Over the years, changes in the market have led to the fission of ceramic tile dealers from "business" to "business". Ceramic tile manufacturers and brands are no exception, but also began to change from "sitting in the factory" to "walking in the factory" - to output emotion and services to terminals

terminal promotion activities are one of the main services output by manufacturers in recent years and now, and osheno is no exception

since its establishment 20 years ago, osheno has a large, energetic and dynamic elite marketing team, which carries out more than 120 large-scale promotions for dealers across the country every year, helping dealers to achieve rapid payment collection. In addition, the Casaro designer salon has been vigorously promoted, and the foreman salon, the opening salon and the clay tile salon are blooming all over the country

as one of the main services output by manufacturers, various salon activities for dealers, in addition to functions such as gathering and communication, are essentially to open up the circle, so that foremen, bricklayers, designers, customers, etc. can have a deeper impression of osheno's products and brands, and retain them by means of emotional communication, price maintenance, product advantages, etc

on December 18, the "poly benefit Mongolia Jin, create and enjoy win-win" osheno wealth summit will be grandly held in Shuozhou, Shanxi. Join Oushennuo ceramics and invest 500000 to do tens of millions of business! Innovate new retail, develop differently, and open a business win mode for you! Call the investment attraction wealth hotline immediately and work together with Ou Shennuo to control business opportunities and create brilliance





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