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With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous increase of home furnishing enterprises, the only channel for products to consumers has contributed to the growth and prosperity of the wardrobe dealer group, and some have even become large commercial enterprises, adding a heavy color to China's home furnishing economy. However, because most enterprises cannot join the brand source and participate in the design of business models for various reasons, Let the seemingly powerful group of wardrobe dealers fall into anxiety. The wardrobe can not enter the new marketing without services and channels, and the overall wardrobe brand Deville

service is fundamental

a brand can achieve remarkable results in a region, which requires dealers to have the ability to explore the market, the tension to build a strong marketing team, and the adaptability to respond quickly to the market. The wave of home internet marketing has completely broken through the laws of every previous marketing reform, and made wardrobe dealers feel unprecedented pressure. Home internet marketing has made the products and information of wardrobe enterprises directly stand in front of consumers, abandoned the original channel model, and also made the sales and profits of wardrobe dealers suffer more and more erosion. As a traditional wardrobe dealer, we should make the best of what the upstream enterprises want to do, so that we can firmly control the voice of the channel

seize channel opportunities

in the era of traditional marketing, dealers use their own advantages to quickly help manufacturers land their brands in the regional market and achieve good results. With the gradual approach of home internet marketing, upstream manufacturers and consumers began face-to-face communication, which made the 18 kinds of martial arts of dealers useless. Wardrobe dealers were confused about the future distribution mode, which was also the reason for the sharp decline in the current sales volume of wardrobe dealers. Under the condition that the logistics system is very perfect, Internet marketing gives the logistics of wardrobe dealers a surplus. In this case, wardrobe dealers should connect with the e-commerce of upstream enterprises, become the e-commerce logistics provider of upstream enterprises, give full play to their logistics advantages, and change their functions from dealers to logistics providers. Traditional dealers must wedge into the link of Internet marketing to meet the Internet wave, In order to stand firmly in the tide of the Internet and seek greater development

Internet as the main body

with the rapid development of science and technology and economy, Internet marketing will be an irreversible marketing trend. Consumers have changed fundamentally from network illiteracy to the full popularization of network application. The structural and cultural levels of consumers have also changed. Internet marketing has become the mainstream of modern consumption. Because the Internet breaks through the characteristics of distance, traditional wardrobe dealers are slowly abandoned on the edge of the market, At this time, wardrobe dealers should take advantage of the advantages of many upstream brands, establish their own internet marketing system, improve the structure of e-commerce, and consumers have become accustomed to shopping online. This problem - wardrobe dealers can only aim at their own regional market in the design of e-commerce, so that they can not derail online and offline, and various channels can calmly deal with different consumer groups. Finally, wardrobe enterprises can firmly follow the pulse of the times, step on every marketing trend, and let traditional dealers never fall behind and develop for a long time

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