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Nowadays, environmental protection seems to be the focus of people's home life. Home decoration and furniture enterprises also have 18 kinds of martial arts, which show their magic powers. Some new environmental protection products are indeed sincere, while others are full of gimmicks. Formaldehyde resistant interior wall coating, health care tiles, environmental friendly solid wood particle board &hellip& hellip; If you spend a lot of money on these new products, you may unfortunately buy fake environmental protection products. Consumers can choose environmentally friendly products, but don't pay for fake environmentally friendly products. Pseudo environmental protection I: can interior wall coatings really resist formaldehyde? Interior wall paint is the key material in the decoration process. For many years, the environmental protection of interior wall paint has been the focus of consumers' concern. Almost all the core elements of interior wall paint advertising are environmental protection. In recent years, some paint brands have launched anti formaldehyde and formaldehyde purification products, which really attract attention. In the publicity materials of some enterprises, anti formaldehyde has become the main selling point, Businessmen said that coatings can effectively absorb and decompose formaldehyde, benzene and even bacteria in the air through innovative new material technology. During the visit to the stores, the reporter of Beijing Morning Post found that some coatings with innovative materials as the selling point are often expensive, but the reporter of Beijing Morning Post carefully asked the salesperson about the degree of absorption and whether there are specific data parameters, and did not get a clear reply. Interpretation: the anti formaldehyde function is limited. The China Paint Industry Association reminded the consumption of anti formaldehyde interior wall paint as early as 2015, and said that as an auxiliary function of building interior wall paint, it was inappropriate to publicize anti formaldehyde as the main selling point. First, from the perspective of the coating itself after coating, the amount of formaldehyde adsorbed or degraded by the thinner film thickness is limited. However, for the film in solid state, the internal formaldehyde purification additives cannot migrate to the surface to play a role, and only the formaldehyde purification additives on the film surface can play a role by contacting with formaldehyde; Second, the formaldehyde purification performance of the coating needs to be strengthened in maintaining the time durability. After the formaldehyde purification additive on the surface of the film fails due to repeated adsorption or degradation of formaldehyde, there is no new additive to supplement. Pseudo Environmental Protection II: are antibacterial and health care tiles really so powerful? Superfine powder, polycrystalline powder, cosmetic soil &hellip& hellip; When the Beijing Morning Post reporter threw all these new terms of the ceramic tile market to manager Li, who had worked hard in the home decoration market for many years, the expert was also confused. In the ceramic tile stores, health tiles have become the star products in the market. Titanium tiles alleviate fatigue, negative oxygen ion glazed tiles maintain health, and super crystal jade floor tiles are antibacterial and radiation free &hellip& hellip; A series of salesmen's scripts supported the high price behind it, but during the reporter's interview, the salesmen were simply unable to explain how these functions were realized




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