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Recently, mesa doors and windows and Huiya information were listed on the cover of China aluminum doors magazine

I haven't posted a wechat article for a long time, because the editor has been busy negotiating with the media and various suppliers everywhere recently, making full preparations for the "all excellent marketing center" proposed by mesa. Recently, mesa doors and windows and Huiya information have been listed on the cover of China aluminum door magazine (PS: if we say China aluminum door, it is time magazine in China's door and window industry!), And accepted the exclusive interview of China aluminum gate, the specific contents are as follows:

beautiful and atmospheric cover

introduction of mesa in the famous enterprise show column

Mr. Yang Jun, general manager, accepted the exclusive interview of China aluminum gate

the following is "famous enterprise show" and the content of this exclusive interview:

mesa | suspension symbiosis, Ecological windows and doors of messea

brand introduction

Company Name: Sichuan mesa doors and windows Co., Ltd.

brand name: mesa doors and windows

brand founder: Yang Jun, Yang Yunhong

brand creation time: May 15, 2011

main product: suspension symbiotic window screen integrated finished doors and windows

enterprise management philosophy: standardized, efficient Collaboration

Enterprise overview:

Sichuan mesa doors and windows Co., Ltd. is located in Guanghan City, Sichuan Province, where the famous Sanxingdui site is located. The company was founded on May 15, 2011, with a planned plant area of 52000 square meters and a construction area of 31200 square meters. It has the largest suspended symbiotic door and window finished product base in China, and its main business scope includes the R & D, production, sales and undertaking of related projects of medium and high-end wood aluminum and aluminum alloy doors and windows; It has a first-class R & D team and a full set of professional production lines in the industry, and has obtained independent intellectual property rights such as "suspension symbiosis" and "window screen integration"

development process:

in 2000, began the production and sales of doors and windows

on May 15, 2011, the brand operation mode was officially started, mesa brand was established, at the same time, the "window screen integration" and "suspension symbiosis" door and window products were launched, and a franchise business department was established to start the work of national market layout

in 2012, the engineering business department and retail business department were established

in August 2013, the standardized and modern suspension symbiotic finished door and window base was completed and put into use

in September 2013, it passed the ISO14001 international environmental management system and ISO9001 international quality management system certification

in 2014, the overseas business department was established, and mesa products began to be exported to some Southeast Asian countries

in 2015, the company started large-scale publicity cooperation with Huiya information, CCTV and other media

in May 2015, the company authorized the franchise to India, officially opening the overseas franchise mode


brand building

building China's healthy/ecological doors and windows

build china&39; S health of ecological windows and doors

mesa's four product groups include high and middle end aluminum alloy and aluminum wood door and window products, specifically including: zunshang suspension symbiosis series, zunshang aluminum alloy series, Zhishang suspension symbiosis series and Zhishang aluminum alloy series; Based on the previous research and development and production of wood aluminum products and aluminum alloy products, further improve and innovate, so that the products can meet the aesthetic needs of consumers for the appearance of products on the basis of meeting the functionality, and truly achieve the high-quality products of "from the inside to the outside". While adhering to the integration of window screens, mesa products also further update, improve and consolidate the concept of "suspension symbiosis", and strive to realize the integration function of window screens in smaller series, so that more and more consumers can enjoy the convenience and functionality brought by high-end doors and windows

mesa doors and windows products are committed to building high-end boutique doors and windows. They have always adhered to the concept of higher than national standards in terms of materials and materials, and put quality and experience of use first in the selection of accessories and accessories. In the production process, including the selection process of upstream suppliers, high environmental protection requirements are used as the norms of operation and selection everywhere; Mesa products have also passed the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification and won the title of "green and environmental protection products". At the same time, the company has also made great efforts to develop and build products such as "China's health/ecological doors and windows", "window type healthy respiratory system", taking health, ecology and environmental protection as the new direction of high-end door and window research and development

show of famous enterprises | outline of high-level dialogue

● interviewee: Yang Jun, general manager of Sichuan mesa doors and windows Co., Ltd.

perfect integration of tree and window screens to create a brand

establish window gauze integration perfect to createbrand

suspension symbiosis & The integrated performance of window screen has been improved

China aluminum doors: previously, mesa suspension symbiosis products were launched at the Guangzhou Construction Expo, and have received a great response. Recently, mesa doors and windows zunshang and Zhishang series were grandly launched and held a new product press conference. All the contracts were signed successfully on site. What do you think are the factors for success? And introduce what scientific and technological innovations are included in the company's products

President Yang: as a professional brand enterprise of finished wood and aluminum doors and windows, mesa always adheres to the product research and development concept of "original design", and adheres to the product level development with "suspension symbiosis" and "window screen integration" as the core demands. This time, mesa's four product groups, zunshang and Zhishang, were grandly launched, which not only realized the diversified construction of mesa's product series extending up and down, but also met the diversified needs of the front-line market and increased market competitiveness. Therefore, it has received high attention and pursuit from the front-line market. Whether it is zunshang or Zhishang product group, the company's products have been greatly improved in the five properties of doors and windows. The materials used are rigorous and demanding. Accessories and glass can be equipped with intelligent products, making the products more scientific and environmental friendly, and improving the comprehensive market competitiveness of mesa products

constantly pursuing "craftsmanship spirit"

China aluminum door: mesa launched advertising platforms such as the Internet, and also filmed the CCTV discovery journey "quality" documentary. What do you want to show in the shooting? How did mesa consider such a huge investment

president Yang: mesa always adheres to the production concept of "precision manufacturing" in the business process. Every year, it customizes exclusive door and window products for tens of thousands of elites, providing people with a new lifestyle. While gaining market favor and market reputation, we are eager to use some effective media platforms to tell the story of mesa The demanding craftsman spirit of mesa and the excellent craftsman group of mesa are presented to the world in a documentary manner to show a mesa team with dreams, responsibilities and responsibilities. It is hoped that the positive and positive craftsman spirit of mesa can advocate the purification of the industry environment, effectively promote the rise of China's high-end door and window brands, shape the corporate image of China's doors and windows, and make the modest efforts of mesa people for the Chinese dream, This cooperation with CCTV "quality" is the embodiment of the efforts of mesa people to this end

"China aluminum door": mesa has carried out orderly in many aspects such as investment promotion and market development, which depends on a solid training team. Recently, mesa's 2015 annual dealer conference has been successfully concluded. What do you think is the core of the training team, and what kind of relationship should be maintained between the company team and dealers

president Yang: mesa maintains high-speed and effective growth every year, thanks to strategic positioning, team cultivation and the full support of franchisees' friends. The effective growth of mesa headquarters or franchised branch teams is the only way to keep its business evergreen. Therefore, from the beginning of its establishment, mesa has built a talent cultivation strategy. To maintain the effective replication, fission and systematization of the team, mesa must do a good job in training. Liu Chuanzhi once said: to run an enterprise is to do four things well - ① set a strategy, ② build a team, ③ do culture, and ④ do training. It can be seen that training is important for an enterprise on the road. Therefore, mesa has put forward the team training concept of "mesa business school" since 2013, selecting excellent lecturers in the headquarters and franchisees, setting up training meetings at different levels, and maintaining effective models such as headquarters training and regional patrol training, Interact with franchisees at all times, deeply understand the front-line needs, improve the operation ability of single stores, maintain the same frequency and integration of mesa people across the country, and form a team force, so as to strengthen and expand the mesa platform and realize the dream of all mesa people

green upgrading, marketing upgrading

China aluminum doors: there is no doubt that environmental protection will become the best starting point for door and window enterprises to improve product competitiveness. We are looking forward to how mesa doors and windows, which has always paid attention to environmental protection, can continue to carry out green environmental protection upgrading

president Yang: there is no doubt that the deterioration of people's living environment is a great challenge facing mankind and an opportunity for the future development of China's doors and windows. As an enterprise with responsibilities and dreams, mesa has always been advocating to improve people's living environment. Therefore, environmental friendly doors and windows are the product direction that mesa has always adhered to. We will continue to improve the environmental protection level of mesa products through the following ways: ① improve the environmental protection procurement level of upstream supply chain; ② Take the initiative to introduce foreign and domestic certification agencies and strengthen the supervision of the environmental protection of mesa products; ③ Actively develop supporting windows and doors, window breathing system and intelligent purification system, further improve the role of windows and doors system in building insulation, ventilation and air purification, reduce the dependence of buildings on high-energy electronic products, and improve people's living environment

"China aluminum door": it is reported that the "all excellent marketing center" of mesa has set sail grandly. Please introduce to us what is the starting point of the all excellent marketing center? What is the process now

general manager Yang: mesa first put forward the strategic concept of "Quanyou marketing center" in 2015. The purpose is to set a market example in the door and window industry. The company concentrates advantageous resources and "Quanyou marketing center" to work together, so that the company's marketing focus will shift from attracting investment to becoming a model market, and form a benign development by connecting points and lines. Through the clear elaboration of the headquarters in the 2015 dealer conference, through on-site investigation and communication, Ten of the first batch of Quanyou marketing centers have been identified and are currently in the process of continuous promotion

"three excellent goals" shape a model

president Yang: objectively speaking, due to the downward impact of the objective market environment, the market did not rebound significantly in 2015. Although mesa showed a growth trend, its growth rate remained only the same as last year. Therefore, we judge that the downward adjustment of the market macro environment will continue for a period of time, and during this period, mesa will continue to focus on the further research and development, improvement and effective market activities of the product system. In 2016, we will redefine the functions of the marketing system, and continue to promote the linkage marketing activities of products, Quanyou, training and brand in six core stages of the company's business process around the three Quanyou goals of "Quanyou marketing center, Quanyou Experience Hall and Quanyou team", so as to maintain the benign development of mesa and explore a road suitable for the sustainable development of mesa. China's door and window industry has huge market potential. We firmly believe that "those who share the same desire win, and those who work together are strong". We





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