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Yide Futures: the Japanese glue contract changed months and focused on price changes

affected by the sharp drop of more than 5% in the US crude oil futures on Friday, the Japanese glue opened slightly lower in the morning yesterday and gained support at the 10 day moving average. Subsequently, the futures price fluctuated higher and closed at 312.3 points, up 2.6 points, or 0.84%. Yesterday, the Japanese rubber market was boosted by the sharp increase of 15.4 points in the August contract to be delivered, which drove the important role of the full hydraulic cylinder in the monthly contract. The width line of the opposite side of the gb/t 3104 ⑴ 982 fastener 6 corner product rose, showing a near high but far low pattern. Today, the main contract of Japanese rubber will be shifted to another month. The contract in February will become a new benchmark contract, which will have a certain impact on the quotation of Japanese rubber index. Please pay attention to it

the main force of Shanghai Jiaotong 0811 followed the trend of Japanese Jiaotong, showing a shock upward trend throughout the day, closing at 23200 points, up 140 points, or 0.61%, and the position increased by 8474 to 76566 hands. After the 0809 Contract became a monthly spot contract in the middle of the month, the trading volume shrank significantly, and the fluctuation range also slowed down. Yesterday, it still maintained a narrow fluctuation trend, closing at 269885 points, up 45 points, or 0.17%, and the position decreased by 1574 to 43578 hands. In the delivery month, the position of ordinary investors will be limited to 100 hands. Therefore, it is expected that the 0809 contract will continue to reduce its position in the near future

in terms of spot goods, the summary of transaction prices of China Rubber showed that the average price of scr5/55\s standard glue was 27262 yuan/ton today, and the amount of orders was 550 tons. There was no transaction throughout the day. Hengshui and Zhejiang wood plastic products have many shortcomings and shortcomings. The transaction range of domestic standard one glue in the spot market is yuan/ton, up 200 yuan/ton compared with last week; The transaction range of styrene butadiene rubber was yuan/ton, and that of CIS polybutadiene rubber was yuan/ton, the same as last week

on Friday, the price of recycled waste plastics in the U.S. crude oil futures was much cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years. However, yesterday, the Japanese rubber and Shanghai rubber just jumped short and opened low, and then the futures price chose to fluctuate upward and closed in red, showing that there is a strong technical rebound momentum in the market. However, during the tapping period, the spot supply is sufficient, the spot price in Southeast Asia continues to decline, and the fundamental short pattern has not changed. Therefore, we believe that although we can participate in multiple transactions, we do not recommend staying overnight. The settlement price of the 0811 contract was low yesterday, so the upward trend should pay attention to the pressure of the 20 day moving average

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