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Yifan machinery launches high-efficiency and high-quality sand making machine to reshape the industrial value. However, the sand and gravel aggregate is not only short of resources day by day, the price soars, and the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent. It is also accused by industry experts as a bottleneck restricting technological progress, affecting the mixing

as one of the most important raw materials for concrete, the consumption of sand and gravel aggregate is huge, with an annual output of more than 10billion tons and an industry scale of more than 500billion yuan. However, sand and gravel aggregates are not only increasingly short of resources, with soaring prices and prominent contradiction between supply and demand, but also accused by industry experts as the bottleneck restricting technological progress and the culprit affecting concrete quality

carry out digital display control and alarm for the experimental temperature from room temperature to 100 ℃ through the relay. Where there is construction, there is sand and gravel. Where is the sand and gravel aggregate road? Yifan machinery, a domestic sand aggregate equipment manufacturer, has given the answer: abandon low-quality artificial sand aggregate, extend the concrete industry chain, create high-quality sand aggregate with high-quality sand aggregate equipment, and reshape the industrial value

Zhengzhou Yifan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. complied with the market demand and independently developed VI hydraulic impact crusher (new sand making machine), VI centrifugal impact crusher (new sand making machine), VI high-grade stone shaping machine (new sand making machine) and other sand making equipment to meet the different needs of the market. These three technical equipment have been welcomed by investors since they were successfully developed and put into the market. In particular, the development of sand plants and stone plants have brought a lot of profit space to sand and stone investors

Yifan machinery VI series high-efficiency centrifugal impact crusher, connected with the world's advanced technology level, adopts "OEM companies from Japan, Sweden, the United States and other international brands that want to reduce manufacturing work, and adopts the hydraulic cover opening device with accessories originally imported from Japan, which can easily and quickly move the upper cover, so as to save labor and effort in replacing and overhauling the internal parts of the machine body; The motor with high protection grade is selected, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and low noise, and conforms to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard, with class F insulation and ip54/55 protection grade. High quality raw materials are the thickest shield, laying the foundation for VI series high-efficiency centrifugal impact crushers to occupy the leading position in domestic construction sand and gravel equipment

reliable quality and perfect after-sales service system. Yifan machinery implements a series of measures, such as pre-sales and after-sales tracking services, technical installation training services, regular follow-up and return visit services. We are required to stand at a strategic height, establish and implement the scientific concept of development, enhance the sense of humanity, vigorously develop and actively promote sand and gravel aggregate equipment

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