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Yifan machinery: the crushing industry is the booster of the cement industry, The degree of concentration in China has also been improved, but there is still a considerable gap compared with foreign developed countries. The structural spear reaction frame is mainly composed of upper crossbeam, column, base, nut, etc. the shield is also relatively prominent, which is mainly reflected in the small scale of the enterprise, the low product grade, and the backward production capacity still accounts for a considerable proportion

in recent years, although the development of China's cement industry has made great achievements, and its concentration in China has also increased, there is still a considerable gap compared with foreign developed countries, and the structural contradictions are still prominent, mainly manifested in small enterprise scale, low product grade, backward production capacity still accounting for a considerable proportion, high energy consumption, high resource consumption, serious environmental pollution, etc. The causes of these problems are not only the accumulation of long-term low-level development, but also the consequences of some enterprises' blind expansion at a low level in the past two years, regardless of industrial policies, driven by market demand, which makes the cement industry fluctuate greatly, which is mainly reflected in:

1 Scattered plants have small scale, unstable quality and low grade (the crushing strength of the crushing equipment is uniform, which can effectively ensure the quality)

2 Backward process, high energy consumption, great environmental damage and pollution (energy saving and emission reduction of crushing equipment, and exquisite technology)

3 The per capita output efficiency is low, and the international comparison gap is large (the efficiency of crushing equipment is high)

4 Blind expansion, poor structure and large waste of mineral resources (crushing equipment, low consumption equipment, can effectively save resources)

about the above problems, Yifan mechanical crushing equipment can be solved at the same time. Yifan machinery manufacturers are three series of crushers, sand making machines and construction waste treatment equipment. The crushers have rich manufacturing experience, sophisticated technology, guaranteed quality, high efficiency and energy saving. They create low consumption equipment, operate smoothly, and are a kind of efficient mining mechanical equipment, There are abundant artificial sand and stone resources. Among many crusher manufacturers, Yifan has complete mechanical crushing equipment

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