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Yichang new type aluminized steel project with an annual output of 1million tons starts construction

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Yichang new type aluminized steel project with an annual output of 1million tons starts construction

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provides customized solutions for customers. Tips: as the only and world leading technology in the world, Yichang is an excellent project to promote new industrialization and optimize industrial structure, The new aluminized steel project settled and rooted in Yiting district has been affecting the hearts of people in the industry. As the only and world-class technology in the world, as an excellent and strong project for Yichang to promote new industrialization and optimize industrial structure, the new aluminized steel project settled in Yiting district has always affected the hearts of people in the industry

On May 2, the construction site of the new aluminized steel project adjacent to the Three Gorges Airport was in full swing. The relevant person in charge of the project said that at present, the construction preparations for workshops 1 and 2 have been basically completed. The construction will be fully started in early May, and four production lines will be built for trial production at the end of July

at the end of last year, a new aluminized steel project with a total investment of 1billion yuan and an annual output of 1million tons laid the foundation in Yiting district. The project covers an area of 300 mu and is constructed in two phases. Nine production lines will be built in the first phase and 11 production lines will be built in the second phase. When the project reaches production capacity, the annual production capacity will be 1million tons and the sales revenue will reach 17billion yuan. It can pay 1.2 billion yuan of value-added tax to the state and 1.1 billion yuan of income tax to the local government, providing 1200 stable jobs

it is understood that the project is a strategic transformation demonstration project invested by the provincial communications investment company. As an efficient protective plating process, the new aluminized steel technology is another major breakthrough in the field of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance of iron and steel materials. It integrates the theoretical knowledge of physics, chemistry, materials science and other disciplines. It is the only and leading technology in the world. Its excellent comprehensive performance determines that it has broad application prospects in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, light industry, transportation and so on. The main products are all kinds of aluminized pipelines in petroleum and chemical industry, aluminized high-speed railways, power towers, aluminized highway guardrails. Each party should participate in the ranks of "green packaging", such as incoming plates, aluminized automobile muffler exhaust pipe pipes, aluminized corrugated tiles in buildings, factories and highway barriers. The market prospect is broad

the construction period is very tight, but everything is going on in an orderly manner. In terms of hardware construction, the 200 mu site construction of phase I fully ensures the geometric accuracy of the whole machine, which has met the construction requirements, of which 100 mu has been delivered for use, and 9 production lines, administrative buildings, dormitory buildings and other buildings are about to break ground; In terms of software construction, all equipment of the production line has been polished into finished or semi-finished products by professional technical teams, which will greatly shorten the project construction cycle

under the circumstances of tight time and heavy tasks, in order to ensure the formal production in July, the project department has assigned special personnel to take charge of the permanent construction by telegram on the premise that the temporary water and electricity can meet the construction needs. At the same time, the system construction, personnel recruitment and other related work have also been started. At present, five senior executives have been in place, and the recruitment of nearly 300 workers required for the nine production lines of phase I project is about to start. Although the current recruitment situation is very severe, the person in charge is full of confidence in recruitment because the salary is slightly higher than that of the same industry in Yichang

after the new aluminized steel project is completed and put into operation, it is of positive and practical significance to drive and promote the adjustment of industrial structure and promote the development of surrounding industries such as metallurgy, the industry with a cumulative investment of about 16million domestic shared single vehicles, chemical industry, automobile industry, etc

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