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Two lineages of "sunken fish and fallen geese" created by the 1916 packaging brand of Yellow Crane Tower:

talking about the attribute of luxury goods, yellow crane tower has its inborn aristocratic lineage

● the Yellow Crane Tower as a form is publicized -

· because of the place: the Yellow Crane Tower is located in the "263" office in Nanjing, the Yangtze River. Wang Xia, the full-time deputy director of the office, said that the heart is the navel of China, and the dignity of the place gives him a natural noble temperament; As a brand, Yellow Crane Tower naturally inherits this honor

· due to the building: the Yellow Crane Tower is called "the first building in the history of China", ranking first among the four famous towers. For thousands of years, it has been enriched by the Chinese cultural tradition through the years; As a brand, the Yellow Crane Tower also has connotation, details and thickness

· for the sake of the enterprise: the history of Wuhan Tobacco Group in recent 90 years represents the starting point of national cigarette industry achievements; As the main brand of Wuhan Tobacco, Yellow Crane Tower cigarette is born noble and will continue to improve and surpass

● the Yellow Crane Tower as Italy is introverted -

· it is noble: born noble, the Yellow Crane Tower is oriented to high-end consumers and favored by many users

· he is profound: he has a long history and contains infinite power in peace. The Yellow Crane Tower represents a new realm of Chinese cigarettes

· he is cultural: accumulation of tradition, yellow crane tower has cultural temperament

the publicity of form and the introversion of meaning have achieved the value of the Yellow Crane Tower brand and the foundation of luxury positioning

three positioning:

as the peak work to express the luxury attribute of the brand, we have a clear positioning for this product

At present, there is still a gap between China and developed countries. The value of the tower must be recognized by specific groups, that is to say, the tower culture must be upgraded to a human culture, which must meet the following requirements:

first, it must have a high correlation with the core value of the Yellow Crane Tower brand, second, it must comply with the mainstream cultural trend, and third, it must correspond to the social backbone with high consumption ability

we captured the inspiration for the first time. From ancient times to now, the taxi culture that has lasted for thousands of years has surfaced. The Yellow Crane Tower is no longer just a cultural attraction surrounded by poems and lyrics; His destiny, his vigorous style, has immersed the magnanimity of the Chinese scholars who have been open and closed for thousands of years

up to now, we have a new annotation on the scholar culture. The new refined scholar group has the following characteristics:

· get rich by wisdom

· dare to take risks, have strong self-confidence, not indecisive, and have foresight for the future

· think independently and constantly push yourself towards your goals

· work hard, be patient, and spend a lifetime learning

· active thinking

· strong self realization and social awareness

so far, the design of this flagship product of Yellow Crane Tower has begun to establish its direction

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