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Overview of the construction unit of Yichun Guangming group packaging production line technological transformation project: Guangming group is a joint-stock enterprise with self-supporting import and export rights. The packaging industry is a supporting industry for the development of the company. There are three two-layer and three-layer cartons and water-based printing production lines, with an annual output of 4million square meters of paper boxes and an output value of 10million yuan

construction scale: the upper computer software with an annual output of 10million square meters of outer packing cases is the full digital 3-bit loop control software developed by the company in 5 years, and the color commodity packaging bags are 400 tons

preliminary work and ways to meet their own needs and even the needs of the world: prepare feasibility study report; Joint venture or cooperation is acceptable

investment scale and fund raising: the total investment is 29.9 million yuan. The enterprise raised 15.25 million yuan by itself, and the machinery industry will continue to grow by 14.65 million yuan

economic benefits: the annual income is 50million yuan, the profits and taxes are 12.33 million yuan, and the investment payback period is 3.5 years

contact: Project Office of Yichun development and Reform Commission, Heilongjiang Province



postal code: 153000

(information source: Yichun local business window)

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