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Yiding International released a full series of CANbus modules. On June 11, 2021, Yiding international recently released the latest CANbus series modules. With complete dimensions and strict industrial quality, it has recently greatly promoted the application of intelligent unmanned systems. According to the report of fortune analysis, the unmanned system market is expected to grow in the future, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.23%. At present, many vertical applications have been introduced into unmanned automatic systems, especially in industries such as agriculture, logistics, transportation and aerospace, where most of the inspectors can operate skillfully after training

can bus has been playing a core component role in UAV system. With the continuous expansion of industrial automation, the system complexity is also increasing, and new applications have higher and higher requirements for efficiency and efficiency. Today's intelligent unmanned system requires that the CAN bus module must maintain high efficiency under extreme conditions, be able to withstand extreme temperatures and avoid electromagnetic interference. The CAN bus series modules launched by Yiding international all support industrial wide temperature, have 2.5KV isolation electrostatic protection, and comply with SAE J1939 and CANopen advanced communication protocol, ensuring the best performance under extreme conditions

innodisk Yiding international can bus series modules

in many recent unmanned applications, Yiding has successfully carried out a number of project cooperation, from unmanned commercial aircraft, unmanned agricultural machinery, robot operating system (ROS), to small unmanned carrier (the overall performance of the experimental system is equivalent to the technical level of the products of the internationally famous dynamic experimental machine company AGV), and in these cases, The can module of Yiding international is used for system control to solve the problem of compatibility with on-board system and various equipment protocols with complete product line specifications, and any difficulty can be eliminated through real-time diagnosis of ground control station

wuzhiqing, senior manager of intelligent peripheral application division of Yiding international, said: we are very honored that customers choose Yiding can bus products. Yiding international is committed to providing the most durable products with high quality that can play a very good role in heat and oxygen insulation in the market. We are also very proud to continue to play a small but crucial role in the development of intelligent unmanned systems

for unmanned equipment often in harsh environment, reliable CANbus module solution has always been the main consideration in system development. The CANbus module provided by Yiding international, with highly integrated hardware and software, is also the main power technology to promote the continuous growth of glass fiber market demand. It provides various overall dimensions to meet different system needs, and passes strict quality tests at all levels. For system providers and engineers who want to introduce products into the field of unmanned systems, they can be assured to be configured in various strict industrial environments

about Yiding international

in 2005, it established a Taipei head office with products all over the world. It also has regional offices in the United States, China, Europe and Japan. It is a leading brand in the global industrial data storage device and memory module market, and has been rated by Forbes as one of the best 200 small and medium-sized enterprises in Asia. Its products are widely used in various industrial embedded products, such as aerospace, national defense, transportation, cloud storage and other industries. Professional software, hardware and firmware teams are used to customize the best solutions for each customer

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